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[SYD] Coffee Night on Thursday

Discussion in 'NSW' started by orcus, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Come on boys and girls lets have a better turn out than last Friday.

    Where: Outside the Gellato Shop at Norton St Plaza on Norton St

    Time: From 7pm

    MODERATOR EDIT: The venue has changed, please read the full thread for correct venue details.
  2. Yep, I'm in.
  3. I won't be able to make it on this one.
    But Seriously boys and girls this spot is good. :)
    Take some photos!
  4. Guess it's time for us mexicans to show you lot how to do a coffee night! pmsl!
  5. Now now, no need to start pokin fun. it would help if we had more people from sydney on this forum for a start tho... anyway...

    so did it end up happening? sorry i only just read this msg, and friday nights aren't any good for me anyway :(
  6. well. looks like we need some serious numbers. i cant make this friday night.... if you guys are going again this friday. got an 18th to go to. and then im back at school :( i might be able to make one or two. if you guys even want some stupid teenager turning up :p hope we get this going! ill see if i can spread the word to my other bike riding mates.
  7. Just a Suggestion.
    Maybe we should do a diffferent day/night Say Wednesday night or something. or even Monday Nights. What days/nights are you guys available?
  8. Why not just tell them to join Netrider??

    Yeah, I can't really do Fridays, unless you all want to meet up with me and my friends at the Kirribilli Hotel for after work drinks... (But I don't usually ride there, drinkin' and all.)

    What about a leisurely Sunday afternoon thing?

    Oh, and do we have to do coffee? I'm not really a coffee drinker. Someone suggested we do an Oporto's run the other day...
  9. hey guys, fridays not really good for me either! been pretty busy of late, but im hoping to make it to one of these nights!!..... :)

    i do like pete's suggestion of an opportos run! .... how bout set a time to meet somewhere, then do the ride :biker: to opportos (newtown maybe?)... hang out for a while then ride to a coffee venue to chilll?? \:D/
  10. Sound good to me, Wednesday or Thursday this week. Going for the 900km ride on the weekend so Friday to Monday are out for me this time but I'm usually free weekends also.

    Maybe meet at Olympic Park at Homebush 7:30ish and go to Oporto's at Newtown as plenty of parking.

  11. Cool - So we all know Friday is not ok with everyone.

    So Who is available this week?
    Orcus suggestion sounds preety sweet to me. For people coming from the Northside not sure if you guys are too keen to ride to Homebush we can meet up at Oporto's in newtown? Then head for coffee/Milkshakes or gelatto somewhere.
    If not this week - we can organise one for next week. We just have to make sure that there will be more than 3 people showing up. ( This will be interesting..)
  12. Im pretty busy moving house over the next week but id be keen to try and make it. And i cant say no to that tasty chilli at oporto.

    Ive only lived here a whle and dont get out much though so where is newtown? And about how long from liverpool?
  13. Now this is sounding good!!!!

    Thursday night sounds good to me. where abouts in olympic park we going to meet? maybe make it meet between 7-730 for a 730 departure.

    Mik84 im not sure long it would actually take to get there, but it wont be a massively late night cause i assume most would be working the next day. if you want i live at merrylands so we can meet up and cruise into homebush together.

    exmenace, let me know what your plans are if u wanna meet at maccas again or what is more convient for u ok? :)
  14. meeting at macas would be good.. we'll see who else is coming.. mik? ur in liverpool? sweet u can go with Hecko and me..if you're free.
  15. Ill get back to you guys tomorrow or thursday mornin. My girlfriend is also comin back from a month in england tomorrow so ill be back to having to ask permission before i go places. :roll:

    If i do come ill prolly take you up on the offer of goin with you guys, might prevent me from gettin lost....(im hopeless)
  16. No worries mik- the more the merrier..
  17. OK well, so we meet at the carpark at homebush on the cnr of dawn fraser & australia ave at 730, then cruise to newtown for a feed at oportos.

    Maybe go down homebush bay drive then left onto hume highway which will take u onto parra rd then just go right before sydney uni (missenden rd) or something like that. i dont remember exactly were the oportos is tho :oops: bit more interesting than just going down parra road. anyone else got any suggestions??

    Were we going to head down to norton st after a feed for coffee or chill around newton?

    either way, i will be working in the city at a new client, so exmenace i might not be able to make it on time to meet u before hand, in fact i might end up meeting u guys at the oportos, depends how long my manager decides to stuff me around for... :x but i'll msg u when i know what going on

    so can people post if they are definate in/out so we can get this going!!!! :D