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[SYD] CMA Monthly Ride Sat 18 March St marys Ctrl Mangrove

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Doddles, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Meet at Cath's Cakes 222 Queen St St Mary's 08:30 for 09:00 departure

    Rough route notes
    St Marys > Berowra via Cattai Ridge Rd etc
    Pick up extra riders 10:15-10:30 @ Berowra opposite station
    Berowra > Central Mangrove via Old Pac Highway / Peats Ridge Rd
    Coffee break and riders can choose to kick around or head off via Wisemans Ferry, freeway or old road
    Contact Doddles for details (or lack there of)

    All levels welcome, all bikes / scooters welcome

  2. Any particular date in mind??
  3. hi, um what day ? /date ?

    berowra opposite the station ? near the coppers pine timber joint ?
  4. Doh!

    Saturday march 18th

    and you can even score a free coffee from the cake shop if your there on time :wink:
  5. if you have local knowledge and can suggest the best spot along there that would be great - just trying to avoid turning back from berowa waters rd to the mobil that everyone knows!
  6. Just before you get back onto the highway at the last roundabout is a left hand turn (gully rd) between the oval and the little servo there. goes down into the carpark behind the shops/Berowra RSL. Good place to meet, off the highway.


    Alternatively, there is the little car park at the shops on the highway just after ThrottleStop and the RSL.
  7. So nobody will give a stuff if I stall, change gears awkardly, ride slowly etc etc?
  8. not at all! we have regularly got learners with us whilst some of the faster ones may shoot off ahead they always pull over and wait (eventually) and as I usually play tail end charlie I make sure that everyone gets there -= even had to wait 5 minutes for one seasoned rider to try and get his bike going one day
  9. thanks for the ride.

    some feedback for your group.

    1. pee before you leave.!
    2. ride in the same order.
    3. at lights if you rollup and stack side by side especially at a turning set of lights for fraq's sake give way to the rider on the right when moving off.

    as for the welcome of your group school grade a-f

    your about an E.. sorry.

    good luck!
  10. ill be at the coffe meet on the 4th if anyone cares. doing my course with wheels skills on 1st 2nd april. and with these rides can i come on my scooter ! or badluck
  11. thanks for the feedback dante,

    about half the riders hadn't been with us before and so there may have been a few issues about trying to welcome everyone, get others out of their cliques and also knowing what everyone would do in a bunch at the lights.

    as for your first item - now severely kicking self as i was going to see if anyone needed that bit of relief - there was one in the back of the shop........

    grade e - hard marker, but thats your perception and your welcome to it, the others all seemed to mingle and get yakking at the cafe later so maybe if you'd been there we could have progressed to a D :wink:

    please feel free to give us another try some time
  12. I went on the ride today and found everyone very friendly and welcoming (especially when helping me after I dropped the bike before even beginning the ride......d'oh :facepalm: ). I admit I'm not up on the rules when stopping at lights etc but I'm sure given a little more experience this will change.

    Thanks all for a great day out.

    :grin: :grin: :grin: