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[SYD] Cheapest tyre repair

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Julien, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Guys

    Once again I have a big nail stuck in my back tyre.... Where is the cheapest place to get a puncture repaired in Sydney metro? Last time I went to Balmain Motorcycles but they charged me 50 bucks...
  2. $50 is about as cheap as it gets. Seeing its take about an hour to do your getting a bargain.
  3. Yeah, what he said. That's the going rate. It was $35 5 years ago.

    Just do it yourself. Buy a repair kit and jobs done.
    Then you can go to a shop that doesn't have the right bits to do a tyre swap, ey Pete?? :p
    Bloody German bikes :D
  4. I've spoken to Action Motorcycles in the City and they told me "internal repair" (also called "mushroom" repair) costs 60 dollars and "external repair" costs 25 dollars.

    My wallet goes in favour of the 25 buck solution. Any problem with that? My bike is a Street Triple and I commute with it and ride it on the week ends out of the city (never on the track).

    What does it take to fix it yourself? I've never done it....
  5. Fixing yourself (external) is 'cleaning' the hole, sticking in the little stick of sealant crap, then pulling out the tool, leaving the sealant in and cutting off the excess.

    Internal requires them taking off the wheel and tyre off the rim, and fitting the plug that way. So you're effectively paying for wheel removal, and you can easily pay $50 for that at many shops. External is considered a short term fix, but a proper mushroom plug is supposed to be alot better.
  6. Having been in the tyre industry (cars/trucks) for around 17 years I would be recommending the internal mushroom plug only. It is the only way the plug is sure to stay in the tyre as they have a flat base that seals against the inner liner and a rubber stem that seals all the cords/belts through the tyre, therefore stopping water getting into the internals.

    External plugs (eg. rope plugs) are generally used for temporary use to get you out of trouble. The problem with them is if they can be put in from the outside, they can also be blown out under pressure or load. If a plug comes out while riding it's instant deflation of the tyre and rapid loss of control. I've seen it happen on cars and trucks and it's not good. Rope plugs are generally only used for ride on mowers and low speed bobcat/loader tyres where they can have multiple repairs and minimal consequences if they come out. They are also illegal for road use and do not meet the Australian standards for puncture repairs.

    For any tyre repair I would be taking the tyre off the rim to make sure there is no internal damage to the tyre that can't be seen from the outside. That nail could be bent over inside the tyre and cut tyre cords or damaged the wheel.

    Get it fixed properly or replace the tyre.

  7. Thanks for your posts guys. Very useful.

    I seem to get way too many of those nails in my tyres. I had one not that long ago. It gets quite expensive when you add up.

    Can you get insurance for that?
  8. I used to pick up a nail within 1500km of a new tyre all the time. Got them plugged and forgot about them till the tyre was ready to be replaced.

    The current rear tyre on my bike picked up a puncture and I repaired it using a rope plug. the tyre is at the end of it's life so I'm happy to ride around on a rope plug for the next month or so.
    I'm booked in at Southbank BMW for a new set of Powers on the 6th of Jan. That gives me 24 hours to scrub them in before heading to the boat :D
  9. http://www.swanninsurance.com/documents/pds/G1805

    unlimited puncture repair, will replace it (max twice in a year) if it can't be repaired
    comes in at just over 400 for 3 years, roadside assist included

    on the basis of punctures alone you'd want 3 nails a year for it to be worth it. :/