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[SYD] CBR250RR - Dyno Tuner Recommendations

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by hunkipunky, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. G'day all,

    As the title states, does anyone know a good dyno tuner in sydney that would tune these old school bikes? i called up a few places and they dont want to go near it. I know RB Imports is good, but is there anyone else beside him?

  2. Been to most in Sydney and the best 2 are what you stated and Motorcycle Weaponry at Mona Vale.The later is where I am taking both mine soon,hanged there a while back with a mate and they are really cluey and friendly to boot
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  4. Anywhere with dyno dynamics, It's simply the best dyno. That's said, is Harley is good (and the guy is legitimately one of the fastest racers in Sydney), rb is excellent regardless of what dyno they use, but iirc most aussie shops use dynamics.
  5. Dynojet will print off the larger number, but dd give a better real world tune.
  6. Why bother with the 250?Because over the 4years I've owned it. I've put on massive amounts of mods to it, only problem was a flat spot between 7-8k rpm. Now I want it dynotuned since I'm keeping it.

    Another reason why indont want to use rb import because last time I went there, he said he would revert some of my mods back to stock. Which I dont like, so I would rather use someone else beside him >_<
  7. The mods that a tuner wants to revert to stock could well be ones that don't give any real benefit, or even make matters worse, like a lot of the airbox butchering done on modern bikes.
  8. So what are the mods
  9. How pathetic.
    When you take it to the best, it's a good idea to take the advice given by the best. But even if you don't want his advice, all you have to do is tell the bloke not to make the changes. He's just the mechanic.
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  10. How can you say im pathetic? Thats pretty low...trying to bring someone down without even knowing anything.
    I'm pretty sure he would revert back to stock because he already has pretune settings over the years which he perfected and he cant be bothered figuring it all out again. I've asked a couple of ex- bike mechanic about unifilters, and they all tell me its very good. I even found a massive difference between stock and unifilters. But RB imports told me he would revert it back to stock if he touched my bike.

    He also told me that within 1 month i'll be back to him for a retune and my bike would run like shit. Its been 2 years since ive visted him to pick up some parts for the carbs. Bike runs fine with jsut a little hiccup which i dont mind, besides that there are no problems whats so ever. I dont cut corners like most other LAM riders out there. I want a decent job done with the mods i've done.

    I would appreciate if i dont get smartass comments trying to bring me down.
  11. My experience ,Harley can be a bit prickly at first,I expect he gets sick of fixing owners mods that dont comply with a power increase he has found over years of running a dino and being a professional bike mechanic.Easy to understand that if you think about it.I an certain my bike frustrated him,its been mucked with a lot over the years and didn't perform as it probably should have.In my case I was hoping jetting changes would fix it.It didn't as jetting changes dont fix valve timing issues,they didnt even lead to any worthwhile evidence to fix it.But I could see he definitely knew his stuff and became more sympathetic after his attempt to fix it.We eventual found the cause a long while later by using a dead stop and indexing the cam timing.All good now.
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    Yeh. They filter air fine.

    Don't be surprised when you find your bike has less power than you expect. If Harley says it will get better power at stock, then it will.