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SYD CBD people ! Have you reviewed the RTA WYD maps yet ?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. All I can say is . . . WOW !!

    Check it out here !

    I think its best that you all review the street closures and clearways, next week is going to be very very interesting !! :eek:

    Like check out Monday's road closures -

    Pitt St is closed from Circular Quay to Central Railway ! :shock:
    Right down the guts of the CBD !! :eek: :shock:

    I CAN'T WAIT !!
  2. I am not a SYD CBD person

    ... thank god.
  3. I'm walking to work next week... :?
  4. Re: SYD CBD people ! Have you reviewed the RTA WYD maps yet

    Only from 11am til 2 though..

    Still, it's going to be stupid :cry:
  5. i will be at macquarie u during this shitfight.
    lucky me :roll:
  6. Some Catholics are silly.

    They are wandering around the Melbourne CBD today in various WYD clothing items.

    I was tempted to tell them they should be up in Sydney.
  7. Looking forward to WYD less than I'm looking forward to the 24k Cam service on my VFR...

    I tend to go down the distributer off the bridge and via sussex to city south... but still...
  8. This is how i get to MU, they arent going to mess with me on tuesday evening, are they??
    before you ask, i go that way because i know it, and it works. i dont care for quicker/shorter ways :LOL:
  9. None of that affects you Joel.........but there's a quicker/easier way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. dont tell them to come here if they havent figured it out!geeeez!
  11. Well, I live close enough that I get a special parking permit sticker for my car.

    I am heading out of Syd next Friday and getting back Sunday night and the roads all round my place are closed till midnight sunday! It does say "managed access" for residents. w00t might be able to rip up all round Coogee and Randwick hehehehe

    Either that or I'm stuck in traffic till 1am... on the bike... so if you hear of a motorcyclist that froze to death in the Eastern Suburbs while waiting for stupid streets to open, it's me heheheh
  12. Best thing I've seen so far was a bunch of caucasian tourists all wearing red tour jerseys... but the kicker was they had spelt Sydney wrong! "SIDNEY 2008" :LOL:
  13. We need some lions
  14. I live near the racecourse and its going to be chaos!

    Special parking permits and what not... whoop de doo!

    Ill be splitting like no tomorrow
  15. they haven't closed the footpaths yet have they. i have to do a west ryde to darlinghurst run every other day and this tuesday is one of them. might get a WYD shirt and slip it over the jacket and sing and smile as i ride through the blocks. or as the mighty gpx is so fast i could just nail it and hit warp 9 and they will never know.. ah yes. that'll do it
  16. We had to pick out of a hat for what day we got to have off (thursday or Friday). I picked Thursday :facepalm:.
    Our hours on Friday are 10-4... better than 8 - 5.30 :)
  17. womens day comes out weekly
    womens weekly comes out monthly
    im cool with that but world youth day goes for a week. thats teaching the kids wrong things. i act like a child most days so can i have a say on this WYD thing ?
  18. It's also a misnomer calling it WYD...it should be W Catholic YD.....so I guess that would make it WCYW .... it's like the 'family first party'...no mention of religion in there... :? ... ooh they sound good, I'll vote for...d'oh!
  19. yay, the Papal route through the city does a lap of the building where I work. I can see Super-Thursday as not being that productive.
  20. aww Micky, I'll think of you as I'm riding thru the Nasho on Thursday heheh