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[SYD] Came across an unfriendly rider tonight..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vim16v, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I guess ignorantly I thought all riders where friendly towards each other in some way or the other..

    On my way home tonight while cruising north over the harbour bridge, I was over taken by some black bike and the rider gestured i was a wanker by hand movement.. :shock:

    Now I don't why they would do that, considering I wasn't / didn't provoke it and there weren't any cars near us..

    Then they sped off.. Leaving me bewildered, I did manage to catch and made the gesture back... :evil:

    Rider S__25 (rego withheld) wearing a Sydney Buses vest heading towards the Neutral Bay bus depot.. Get over yourself..
  2. OH MY GOD! ^there's your answer!

    you can tell the bus depo how their staff are behaving in uniform if you like :LOL:

    and um, ditch the harly, or pink scooter, hokay

    cheers :cool:
  3. Bleeding bastard! Shoulda shot him..
  4. Gee aren't you lucky that you've never had a bad day where you just felt grumpy at the world!

    Build a bridge & get over it!
  5. Turns out he was! :shock:

    Sorry, couldn't resist :LOL:
  6. In my experience, people do not do this sort of thing for nothing, thee's more to the story.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. You should have taken the bastard on! Given him a race and seen who was the better rider.
  8. Was it a GSXR? If it was, then i think he was just telling you what he was hurrying home to do.... :bolt: :LOL:
  9. Just out of curiosity...
    What colour is the mohawk on your helmet?
  10. um, unless the other forum you posted on edits choice words, you wrote:

    i was going to ask what the hand gesture for a princess was?

    anyhoo, your a biker, harden up!

  11. Diddums.

    I second Typhoon.
  12. Yeah, chances are the other guy is one of those motorists who believe that they are God and can do no wrong on the road, whereas he may have seen you make a slight error in your riding technique.

    What a tosser...
  13. OK count to ten. Breathe innnnn Breathe ouuuuuuut thats it! breathe in , breathe out
    Doesn't that feel better.
    If not could take advice from uncle chop chop HARDEN THE F*CK UP!
  14. He was merely complimenting you on your Hyosung.
  15. There are ALOT of Di*kh*ads on bikes. Usually hero's that have developed a sense of superiority based on what bike they ride...It's probably due to the bike you ride, or something you did earlier on the road. Forget about it - don't let it get to you, mate.
  16. :rofl: :rofl:
  17. I third Typhoon, I strongly suspect you are neglecting to mention the fact you cut him off/did something else to annoy him.

    That or he is a spanker.
  18. Strange, never heard of that happening before.

    I'd retrace your steps, and find out what you may have done.
  19. For future reference, we don't all need to know every time someone doesn't like you.

    If you're really upset about it: http://www.kidshelpline.com.au
  20. Holy crap... you posted this on Netrider, OCAU.MC and Oroadsports?! Damn, you gotta chill man.