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[Syd] Bridge Toll

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Levos, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys!
    I am new to the biker world and am thinking about riding to work! But I have to cross the bridge...... so I was wondering....

    Do bikes Pay Tolls???
    Does everyone do coins (which would seem to be really hard to me??)
    Or have eTags??
    Or Just drive straight through??

    Cheers guys!
  2. You will need to pay cash or have a tag account, you don't have to carry the physical tag, the camera will take your photo (so don't forget to smile) and the system "should" match it to your etag account.

    I have just added my bike to my existing tag for my car.

    Also, you can use the bus lane over the bridge, I am pretty sure it is not Bus Only, others can confirm as I have not ridden it yet.

  3. Keep your toll coins wedged next to your handgrip, or better yet trap the coin in the velcro flap on your glove cuff.
  4. I ride every day across the harbour bridge. Yes you can use the bus lane and it will save you a lot of time. As Rybky said you don't have to carry an etag so long as your bike is listed on your etag account. Just ring the rta up and they can sort it out for you.

  5. Awesome info dudesss!!!
    Will sort it out with the RTA! hehe!
  6. I carry my e-toll (the RTA one) tag in my jacket pocket, i stop at the toll booths, and it normally detects it without me having to take it out. Sometimes i'll have to bring it out of my pocket though.
  7. wheelie through the toll booth mate
  8. Move to Melbourne, we dont pay tolls
  9. Hey.

    Most of the motorcyclists you see going through the e-toll lane do that because they have an e-tag and have registered the plate number of the bike on the tag. So the pictures is taken but then the toll people compare the rego with the database and deduct the money from the e-tag.

    Also there is another scheme to go across the bridge and is the harbour bridge and tunnel periodic pass. You can get this one at some rta offices. For aprox $90 a quarter you get a sticker that entitles you to use the bridge as many times as you want/can for that quarter. The difference with this one is that you need to go through one of the chnge given lanes but instead of paying you just show your sticker to the opertor and they open the barriers for you. I use this one because even if I have to cross once a day it is cheaper than the tagor coins. Just half what you would end up paying.

    And if you are too lazy to jump the qeue and piss off some drivers that had been waiting in it for twenty minutes, you can always link it to an rta tag:


  10. +1

    I don't go over every day, but that's the method I use. Works on all the toll roads in Sydney.
  11. Bus lane is fine

    I use the bus lane every day and have been for a couple of years. Have the tag in a pocket in my Ventura bag, seems to trigger most of the time. The times it doesn't I don't get a call as I have arranged for my plate to be registered as others have suggested.

    I have noticed a couple of "ploys" though

    A few weeks ago a rider was tailing me really close though there and just as I rode under the booth he jumped along side. I assume getting through on my ticket. Pretty annoying as it scared the hell out of me.

    More recently a biker in front of me was approaching the booth and started going in to a wild speed wobble, using up pretty much the whole lane. As the camera flashed his bike was at about 45 degrees.. perhaps in an attempt to fool the camera recognition system. Not sure if it works.

    I have noticed that the camera flashes now regardless of whether the e-tag has triggered or not, I'm quite sure it didn't used to so that.
  12. Yet.

    EastLink will require motorbikes to pay tolls.

    And i predict it wont be long until CityLink changes to follow suit.
  13. another solution and good way of getting back at cage drivers. Tail gate a car or bus through the toll and get through on their tag. Don't reccomend it and I would never, ever do it, [-X , but it works.
  14. With the quarterly toll pass sticker you can actually link this to your etoll tag. If you go buy the sticker then call with the sticker number and ask then to link it to the etag. This means you dont have to queue to show the sticker and you can use the tunnel. The sticker at about $90 for three months works out cheaper if you use the crossing more than 3 times a week. I have been doing it for 6 months and it is all good.
  15. opps sorry i thought you were talking about the other bridge toll :p :twisted:
  16. Re: Bus lane is fine

    he did that to get out of $3??
  17. have you managed to py that one on the storm yet dom :LOL:
  18. But you spend half the money if you get a pass. And that is only one crossing a day.

  19. My favoured technique is to ride on the edge of the lane (preferably next to the concrete rather than a cage) and then the camera misses the plate most of the time. I pay about 20% or less of the tolls I go through with this method also you are just going straight, none of this speed wobble nonsense.
  20. how long does it take for them to send out the fine or what not if your rego isnt tied to the bike you are riding, but your car instead?