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[SYD] - Best Midweek Ride Day leaving North of Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toecutter, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Monday

  2. Tuesday

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  1. Wanting to get feedback in regards to the best day you might like to do a ride. I'd like to make it a regular thing, and if we can make it say the second Friday of the month, that would be ideal for me, but I would listen to what everyone else wants to do and can work around it. I know a few good rides but they all pretty much leave from Berowra, so if you want to come along we'd need to leave around 9.30 for 10.00am. Most rides will be fine for learners as was today's - no moss on any roads and a few bumps but nothing Duncanp's VTR couldn't handle.

    If Thursdays are the best day for everyone please note Ulysses have a ride leave from Berowra at 10.00am every Thursday except for the first Thursday of the month which would be my recommended day as there are generally at least 20 of them at Berowra.

    So Poll with your preferred day and then please post an alternative.

    MODS: This one really belongs in NSW Events - the bottom of this page goes back to April so am sure we can have an extra post or two in here for now dontcha think??!?!? Thanks in advance
  2. No, it doesn't.
  3. Im up for any day if it's a regular thing, i just need 24hours notice to take the day off.
  4. Unbelievable! Doing my best to promote YOUR Forum for Sydney people and you again can't look outside of the square at the bigger picture.

    Check out our own NSW Events - the threads there quickly date and as mentioned, on page one we have April - so in your view, past rides four months old are worthwhile keeping on that first page.

    Mouth - how about you go and look outside of Netrider, just once, and see how other "regional" Forums work?

    Why not check out here - seems to work fine for them :roll: And their membership number is only 34,500 with just under 3,000,000 posts :shock:

    Only need to make the current rides sticky (around six or so) and the rest just fall off the page - can't see how this doesn't make sense.
  5. I have mon,wed,fri off every week and all day but tue and thur are only half days so I would be pushed for time on those days for a long ride. So when ya want ta ride if its one of those days Im open to suggestions. Nice to meet ya toe sorry I had to cut the ride short but thems the breaks hey. Paul
  6. Can we have check boxes instead of radio buttons?
    Plus "Dry roads" only box. (just until I scrub the edge of my tyres off then I'll try the wet).
    Actually we could have "Dry Road Mon - Fri" radio button and then I'd be happy.

    Am I right in thinking that if it's not an actual actual ride topic then the topic doesn't go in NSW Rides ..... I'm with Toecutter on the logic but then I ride with him and I like my toes.
  7. I'm good for any day. I'm pretty much a day ride slut, as long as work or other commitments don't beckon.
  8. If it's wet don't go on the ride. I will ride in pretty much any weather, but getting there and home in the traffic is the most dangerous part. SMS will confirm if ride leader is still going or not.

    On your last paragraph, don't know how many Forums you've visited that have a Regional Forum. All the other ones I've been to allow anything and everything in Regional Forums - seems Netrider want to keep it all in their order which is fine, but to grow you have to look at other successful Forums. And General Discussion is just that - non-area specific.

    If you agree on the Logic then I'll post up another poll (hopefully in the right Forum area) and we can vote and see if the members here agree or not.
  9. My ideal day would be Wednesday, mainly cause I don't start uni until 5:30.

    However Fridays I'm available in the afternoon, that's from noon onwards. If it's headed south; even better because I'm at Wollongong uni.
  10. I'm working freelance (read: unemployed hehe) so I'm open on any day (unless I get a call).
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