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[Syd] Beginners Maintenance Course

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Killt, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Take a look at the St George & Sutherland Community College website, under Do It Yourself. Unfortunately I can't post links for 5 posts.


    There is a really good beginner course for people who want to learn how to maintain their own bikes and save a heap of money in the process.

    No mechanical experience is necessary.

  2. Looks like something I'd be interested in. Maybe some of the more experienced netriders can hold something similar (eg. the VIC bike maintenance thread). Thanks for that!
  3. Thanks for link, basic maintenance is something I'd like to learn more about.
  4. Damn it - it's full! :(
  5. If you scroll down a bit more there's places in the same course at 2 alternative dates :wink:
  6. JP, thank you!
  7. :) enrolled and doing the course on the 1st of march.
  8. Thanks for the info, been looking for something like this.
  9. thnx good post been looking for something like this. mite c sum fellow netriders there
  10. Thanks for the link!

    On the website it says:


    Jannali Centre, 127–129 Sutherland Road, Jannali. Bring your own motor cycle if you wish. Enclosed footwear is essential. Overalls recommended.

    One question: Does anyone actually bring there own motorcycle to attend the session? What if you dont own a bike, what would they use?
    Any feedback would be great!

  11. Looks like a great course....but a bit far for us Northsiders...

    Anything on the North side?
  12. I'm enrolled in this on the 10th/17th May, looks really good. I'm taking my bike for sure, then try the next service myself!
  13. Motorcycle Maintenance Courses at Jannali

    There are two more Motorcycle Maintenance courses scheduled over the next few months

    St George & Sutherland Community College in Jannali. They won't let me post URL's yet, check further down this thread for the link

    9th & 16th August 2009

    13th & 20th September

    The majority of the people who attend this course bring their own bikes along, this way they learn all about their bike. Those who don't bring their bike assist those that do.

    There have been people travelling to this course from as far as Newcastle, Katoomba & Berry down south, so coming down from the North Shore is a piece of cake


  14. hi all

    i went to this course and it was ok - brake pads, oil, bleed brakes etc.

    was wondering if there was anyone out there who would help show me some more 'stuff'. i'd be happy to help you fix your bike, or maybe even buy a 'wreck' and then fix it up.

    i live on the lower north shore and generally have time to spare. PM me if you're interested. maybe there are other people keen too.

  15. Bump

    I tried to get into the June 2012 course having just bought my bike. It's full up so I'm on the waiting list.

    There's another one in September

    ps I'm new. Hope people don't have a problem with me bumping a 3 year old thread
  16. Trying to get into the same thing, so there is none between June and September? That's ages.
  17. This is running next month over two weekends, Sunday 1st and Sunday 8th September. I've enrolled as I think it looks like pretty good value. Is anyone that has done this course able to provide any feedback?
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  19. Nothing like this in Melbourne ?
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