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[SYD] Barry Sheen Memorial Race meet - Eastern Creek Sun11/3

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. I'm up for a ride out there. Sunday would be good for the Swap Meet
  2. alright, Sunday it is . .

    Marlon and I are meeting at Norwest BP in the morning if there are some Hills District people wanting to come.

    We'll see you there dennis ?
    Phil wants to come, so lets give a contingency of 20mins ! :LOL:
  3. Anyone got a backpack big enough to carry a SR500 muffler, seat, airbox and a stack of TW200 parts?
  4. Can I come meet at the Norwest BP?
  5. no worries Ashim !
    see you there !
    But you have to be behind me, Marlon is the Apocalyse Now fan ! - he loves the smell of two-stroke in the morning ! :LOL:
  6. Hahah, haters ! :cool:

    What time
  7. 8am ?

    You coming Bob ?
    Your chromed polished parts may need supplementary bling items - like Ducati bar end mirrors, Ducati CF clutch cover, 900SS fairing . . . . well, you know what I mean ! :LOL:
  8. I will be there :p
  9. So what ya saying Mickyb i should side swipe a 900ss lmao :shock: :p
  10. Where is Norwest BP? Racing starts at 10.30am, what about meeting at 9am? 8 is toooooo early
  11. Norwest... I think i'm thinking of the right one. The one near hillsong, right micky?
  12. nah man, the one near Hillsong is "g".

    Norwest BP in on Old Windsor Rd next to McDee's !
  13. Can I come?? or is this a blokes only event?? :-k

    Thinkin' I might be at a loose end this Sunday.. and if nothin' better turns up.. I might just mosey along..
  14. i'm implying that the Bling-factor on your Storm makes me think deep inside your a Duc man !!
  15. Of course ya can come Suzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
  16. Hmmmmm let me think what bling can i put on before sunday :p
  17. Well you know i have to keep an eye on you and Mickyb!! :wink: