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[SYD] Balmain Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by MarvinTheMartian, May 24, 2006.

  1. anyone used these guys for a service job :?:

    They're handy to work, just need to know if thery are any good.
  2. They did some work on my old 250; some electrical problems, new tyre... that sort of thing. They seemed like good people and did a thorough job, but very, very slow. I'm talking WEEKS!
    Maybe it's a good sign - the're not short of work, that's for sure :)
  3. I've used them before, back when I first got my bike and was more clueless than I am now. They did a fairly good job but were extremely expensive.

    The last straw was when i took the bike there with fouled plugs and it cost me $120 to have them changed.

    Beaconsfield Motorcycle Supermarket would have done the same job for less than half the price, more promptly, and I now use them for all my servicing.
  4. Phil and crew at BMS are useless. They fitted a 190 rear tyre instead of the 180 I asked for, it was the wrong model of tyre and charged me $30 on top of the premium price to fit it.

    They fitted a front tyre (got the tyre right) but then told me I was right to go while the front guard was just sitting on the tyre, and the bolts that hold it on are still sitting on the floor.

    I know of someone who had fuel tank bolts lost by them too after a service. All round, they charge full price for an independant operatore, but work standard is very poor, I would never use them again even to fit a tyre.
  5. I had a nail in my tyre pulled out and the hole repaired by them. They did a good job, but it was expensive at $70, and I had to leave it for a few hours. A few months ago the same thing happened and I took it elsewhere - Skidz in Haberfield. They did it for $45 (while I waited) and the exact same job.
  6. $70 for a mushroom plug WTF?

    Brendan at SPM will do it for $45 too.

    I think they may have taken advantage of the fact you might have been stranded.
  7. Yeah Tweet I didn't have much choice haha. Like I said, they did the job properly - it was just overpriced. Never mind though, lesson learned. I won't go back to them.

    Marvin I recommend Lloyd Penn in Artarmon (its not really that far from Balmain) and I think, judging from some of his previous posts, you'll find Tweet recommends Sydney Performance Motorcycles, who are also not far.
  8. LLoyd Penn is much closer to Balmain than SPM, and he is highly recommended, he does great work, and is very accomodating. If you are looking for cheap though, he isn't the man, as thats one thing they don't do, cheap work.

    A point to remember though, is that there is no such thing as a good job cheap, and you can't buy gold for the price of lead.
  9. Beaconsfield MC Supermarket fixed a hole in my tyre for $15.

    I only had to wait about 10 minutes, and it happened twice in a two week period (front & back) so it wasn't a fluke. They have consistently very reasonable prices and always done a good job on all the little things I've had them do.

    Since they also sell all Honda parts, I'll be giving them all future work on my Spada.

    Balmain is cafe country, where real estate is reasonably expensive and the drawcard is convenience (or failing that, just proximity).

    Proper bike garages are to be found on cheaper real estate in semi-industrial zones.
  10. Midas fixed mine too with the mushroom for 16bucks!
  11. ^^^ yeah, balmain and cheap - not in the same sentence :wink:
  12. Balmain is a shithole, anyone that spends money there deserves to be ass raped.
    And I can say that, because I grew up there before the tossers moved in!
    The businesses whine about none of the locals shopping locally, but want to charge $2 for a SINGLE APPLE.
    I used to drive to Gladesville to do my groceries, it saved around $25.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I had Balmain Motorcycles fit and balance 2 new tyres. First rate service and on par with others I've used. They have a different mechanic from the guy charging like a wounded bull in a previous post.
  14. they any good for a set of tyres?

    or any other places u can recommend?
  15. Brendan or Mark at SPM in Taren point, the fit them while you wait at no extra cost, cheapest rubber in sydney bar the $1 vending machine in your local pub
  16. Only a dollar vending machine Tweet? Geez you must visit some sleazy pubs :LOL: :LOL:

    In all seriousness though I can thoroughly recommend Brendan for tyres....excellent price and very accomodating..i.e. if you rock up unannounced he will do tyre change on the spot :grin:
  17. i got the same job done on my bike at Balmain. their tires are very reasonably priced + free fitting.

    i highly recommend to anyone looking for a good honest bike mechanic.

    their other stuff might be on the higher end of the scale in regards to pricing, but you get what you pay for and id rather pay more knowing a top job has been done.

    Beaconsfield motorcycles wanted an extra $100 for tires compared to Balmain + BMC charge for fitting..

    Ben and Tim at Balmain motorcycles are top blokes.
  18. I had my bike at Balmain this week... It had a number of problems some put there by another mechanic close by in the inner west who will remain nameless...
    The Balmain boys were great... reasonably priced and most of all great service... I would recommend these guys to anyone out there....
  19. Same here, honest quote and spot on invoice when the work was finished. They are not the fastest ones around but they are conveniently close by and they even work on a Saturday.

    Only downside is when you have something that cost less than $20 and you want to use Eftpos, you have to walk to the hotel down the street to use their ATM because they don't accept Eftpos for less than $20
  20. Put mine in for a new rear tyre came out with a stiff chain link. They said it was poor maintenance but it wasn't there before and was after. Now I'm up for a new chain and cogs. You know who won't be doing it.