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[SYD] Bags Connection CargoBag as new

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Rybky, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. I bought this German made 52ltr rearbag brand new about 3 weeks ago but it does not achieve what I wanted it for so am selling it. It is a fantastic quality bag and will be great for touring, sits well on a sportsbike.

    The bag has been fitted to my bike and has done one trip to work and back in the dry, it is in perfect condition. Comes will all straps, paint protection film (which I did not use), waterproof inner bag and storage bag.

    Full details on the following site:


    * SOLD *

    Available for pickup in Freshwater or can arrange a meeting point.

  2. There's a pic on the site of an undertail pipe, but I'm not convinced. Otherwise I'd be quite tempted.

    How quick/easy is it to strap on and take off?
  3. Not sure what you mean about the undertail pipe? Are you concerned about the heat from it?

    It is really easy to fit and take off, four straps that attach to the bike in a loop and then on to the bag with metal grips.

    If you are close by I am happy for you to come and have a look at it and try it on your bike.

  4. I'm in Syd, but inner west, so a bit of a trek.

    My concern with the pipe is the straps that attach to the bike - do they loop under the tail (would mean around the muffler for me.)

    On long rides I worry that the heat would be enough to melt nylon straps, causing a god-awful mess and potentially losing my gear!
  5. Ah I see! No the straps do not go under the tail, there are four separate straps that tie down each corner of the bag. So at the front they would go down to your rear peg brackets and at the back would attach to your number plate bolts (it comes with mount points for this). So looking at the pics the rear straps would be the only concern but it looks to me like there would be plenty of clearance.

    I work in North Ryde if it helps to meet up one lunchtime during the week?

  6. Bike's off the road for a while, but I'll keep an eye on this for when I get it back.

    Thanks mate.
  7. Price drop to $180.
  8. This bag needs to go, final price drop to $150, that's over $100 cheaper than new and it is as new!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.