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[syd] anyone want help with servicing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Androo, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. hey guys.. a bit of pre-info - i sold my bike (zx-9r) when i moved up from melbourne a few months ago and just shopping around for another bike now (possibly a gsxr1000). i've always done my own servicing and quite liked getting friends around with their bikes to work on, so if u need a hand or want to use tools, just let me know :grin:

    i have all the basic tools for it, and feeler guages (for valve clearances) and vacuum guages (for carb balancing). :)

  2. Thanks for the offer Andrew. I might take the offer when I service my bike next time.
  3. Whereabouts in Sydney (general area) are you Andrew; this sounds like a great Netrider offer :grin: ?
  4. oooooh look my new best friend! haha i might take you up on that offer. i have enough tools to pull my bike apart but nothing to help me once it's apart (vacuum gauges, etc) i gotta get some parts for the front master cylinder then bleed the brakes then she's rolling but the carbs need some work it just want running right :(
  5. i'm in ryde, which is what.. inner west? for now anyway ;)

    i find sydney is a funny place.. does anyone know why people don't really associate with people from other areas? :p
  6. Well the people of Ryde believe they are the centre of Sydney, so naturally they don't associate with others 'out-of-towners'.
    Seriously, though, there is a social divide between the east and the west, and also between the 'naw-shore' and everywhere else. North Sydney people believe that they are the 'true' CBD, and westies just don't care about such arguments; they're too busy shopping for flannies and a new pair of Ugh boots to wear to the next formal barbeque :p
  7. haha love the ugh boots.. i've only been out west once and they were everywhere :p :p