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[SYD] Anyone up for a ride to the national park on sunday?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Goose, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Since I've got this sunday free for a little "Goose time", I was planning on riding round the national park near loftus for awhile, atleast until I get dizzy :D . Any interest? Haven't set a time or place to meet yet, I'll leave this open so if anyone wants to come along, we can make it as simple as possible.

    Pip pip tally ho!
  2. Always up for a ride, just let me know where and when. :D
  3. Sorry man. Will be in NZ.

    Have a great day!
  4. Sydney national park ride

    I live in Wollongong so that's perfect for me, update us on details asap
  5. Orcus and Hornet. Do you want to meet at the sports fields on Rawson Avenue, in Sutherland? If you guys know a better meeting spot then Im open to suggestions. I reckon if we meet up around 11 am.

    If you want a map to Rawson, PM me
  6. Sunday National park Ride

    Rawson sound fine with me, just at the top of what used to be known as the Mad Mile
    I'll try and drag my brother along as well
  7. Put me as a maybe goose.
  8. hey guys, i might be in for this one (about 95% sure)... i will be riding up from wollongong first though......

    hornet will you be riding up from the gong as well? if so, do u wanna meet up just before the freeway starts in wolongong first? i'll PM you my number... :D

    orcus, i think ive got ur number from last ride... ill text ya on sun morning if im gonna pike!

    hopefully see yas there!
  9. I'll see you all there at 11 on Sunday.
  10. sweet.

    So who we got coming so far...



    Player One
  11. Who's coming

    Yeah, and I'm meeting playerone in wollongong and riding up to Rawson St. Bringing my brother with me, (not a etrider member yet, but I'm working on it)
  12. National Park Ride

    Weather was perfect, road too busy with drones in cars, but it was a good ride, stopped at Bald Hill to see the new bridge being built on the Coast Road and then on to Helensburgh for fuel and lunch, I split and went down to Wollongong, the rest (Goose, Orcas and Flashfire) went back up through the park to Sydney.
    Let's see if a few more Sydney Netriders can get out for the next ride, next Saturday on the Putty (see separate thread)
  13. I think i might have driven past a few of you in my cage on the way back home! I was in a little green hatchback and gave a few of you a wave, lol. I saw a red Ducati?? riding with another bike i didn't get a look at, also saw a Orange ZX10R!

  14. hey guys, was a good ride yesterday, perfect day for a run through the RNP.... even though i was still hung ova from sat nite!! 8) 8)
    we'll have to organise another ride out soon........ :D

    on a sader note, ive read though the oroads forum that mike aka "exmenace" had an accident last wednesday and had to be hospitalised for a couple of days..... suppposedly got T-boned by a van! :cry: ....hes resting back at home now.. will keep u guys informed on how he's doing....

    be safe out there people!

  15. That bites arse man! Hope he's mending well, if any of you sydney guys speak to him before me, tell him i hope hes back on the road soon. He only just got that freakin ninja too. Hope the tool who hit him is insured.

    Glad to here your ok though mate. I can just hear it now, the family... "I told u bike are dangerous... bithc biatch biatch, whine whine whine". See you soonish
  16. Re: National Park Ride

    Sounds like a nice day! However, I wasn't there.... is there an impostor!?
  17. sorry, mistaken identity

    there were three other guys there, but obviously you weren't one of them! maybe you were there in spirit, yes, that's it!
  18. hehehe. I'm a girl. That should sort out any confusion. :D
  19. ooops!!

    wrong on every count!
  20. Problem solved

    It was playerone on the Honda 250, and he's a guy, sorry about that flashfire