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[SYD] Anyone keen for a royal national park ride sunday 25th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by damov, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Hi all. I am going to take my r6 (black with red flames "hmmm so hot") out for a spin to bulli and back to sydney this sunday or further.

    Anyone keen to tag along (or lead) post a reply here.

    I am thinking, leave around 9:00 ish.
  2. Can't as I have to spend 'quality time' with the wife :? Although hopefully I can convince her to go for a ride somewhere if the day is good.

    Regards, Nick
  3. Tell her its quality time spent on the bike! So romantic.

    Lol well if she is keen post a reply here saturday or sunday morn.
  4. i should be up for it, if it's not raining.. :eek:
  5. cool super six!

    should we meet at the scoccer field carpark just befoe the royal national turnoff?

    Say around 9:30.

    Post reply here if your still keen.
  6. any other day and i'd be up for it (it's my birthday tomorrow and i plan on seeing just how drunk i can get without actually lapsing into a coma) :twisted: :LOL:
  7. ill post in the morning if i can make it :)
  8. Re: [SYD] Anyone keen for a royal national park ride sunday

    Where abouts in Bulli are you coming to and what time?? I live in Bulli!!
  9. yeah ill be there :D
  10. Hope your meet was good... I turned up with the misses on the back around 12:30-1pm... There was a few sport bikes hanging out at the entrance before the booth - looked like a post ride chat. It was good weather for riding!