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[Syd] another time another place

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MarvinTheMartian, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Monday

  2. Tuesday

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  3. Wedensday

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  4. Thursday

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  1. now since the Brewery is going strong, and it looks like there is strong interest to get another meet going. I am proposing the 3rd Thursday of each month at a place to be determined.

    I will check out the El Rancho in North Ryde this arvo as a possible. I do know that there is off street parking, the beer is wet, the food is good, and the coffee is served. But not sure if we will be able to see the bikes from the seating.

    If anyone else has a good location then let us know.

  2. is that the one just near maquarie centre ? on epping road ? havent been there for years
  3. Thursday's out for me on a regular basis, (barring school hols) Wednesday would be better. Having said that HBB is about as far north as I'd like to be riding home to Wollongong from. Maybe it's time to revisit a Wollongong coffee night??
  4. Mondays or Wedensdays might get me along.

    Ryde sounds OK, but if I can throw up a left field suggestion, what about the Newport arms?? Great ride down, great atmosphere, safe parking...
  5. I haven't been to the Ranch for years. I used to work down the road on Talavera Rd at Osbourne/Gateway Computers. I hear it's changed a bit since then. Thursdays at the Ranch has my vote, but Monday's would be OK too.....
  6. I think a second coffee night is a good idea ,some people are missing out ,as there got other comitments.
    And if you miss one coffee night ,its 8 weeks between meets.

    My 1c worth.
    wednesdays are good for some as i said above.

    Thursdays ,pay day for some and shopping night ,coffee shops or pubs are packed and drunk DH's around and harder go get out side tables to see the bikes with a large 20+bikes ,as i had a DH come up and sit on my bike almost knocking it over ,if i wasn't able to see my bike.
    Friday same as above.

    Second thing is ,making it fair and easy on everyone to get to ,and still trying to get a few people not just north or south people.
    {these north or south ect can be arranged any way for other dates}
    But is this is going to be a regular thing and close to the city ,would be easyer and would get more people.IMHO.

    I know a few places in and around the city like The rocks ,balmain, ultimo ,glebe ect with good parking, food and coffee rateing to come as i will check them out first.
    I think a friday night ride some where different every week ,{will come soon} ,as the number of sydney riders is growing.
    I like petes idea for the newports arms for is a great spot for the friday dinner- rides.
    Everyone can meet from there area and meet up ,then ride to the spot.
    Well it's just an idea.
  7. Well the El Rancho is a good possibility there is handy parking available, for those that don't know it is on Epping Rd near the Macquarie Centre in North Ryde.

    I also like the look of the Newport Arms; the only problem is for some of us it will mean dealing with Spit Bridge on a working day/night.

    Here is another idea for consideration, a rotating/ changing venue.

    Say the Thursday 20th the El Rancho, the following month the Newport Arms, next Wollongong ????

    If we find a good location, then we can make that the regular venue
  8. Thursday night at El rancho is packed. I work just down the road.
    El rancho is very busy most nights, lots of the local computer companies people go there every night.
    We want somehwhere quiet, lots of seating, able to see the bikes.
    Sled and I are going to check out a pub he knows in the Rocks, it's dead Mon to Weds night apparently.
    Some of us are going to do the Como Hotel at Como once a month. Also dead Mon to Weds.
    Lin and I were there checking it out last week, great place, just been restored, everything inside is like brand new. Has a bar, resteraunt, coffee patio, outside balcony, views over river, bikes can seen below balcony. Also new pool tables and foxtel and sky channel.
    I don't expect a huge group, Como is a bit out of the way for people from the west and north suburbs.
    Lin, Terri and myself would only do Mon to Weds nights. Too many dikheads on the roads at night the rest of the week.
  9. im all for keeping in a central area somewhere equally inconvenient for everybody lol. i mean convenient. elrancho is around 10 minutes up the road from HBB. public transport is not to bad with bus service i think from wynyard to epping via kent road.

    i heard mentioned at various times, was glenfield pub as a location.

    how far are you prepared to travel for a social gathering of motorcycle enthusist (not just shannons 'enthusist lol) ?
  10. I'm happy with pretty much any time and any place, as long as the venue itself isn't a hassle - eg. too busy, no parking. I don't have a life outside of work and riding so I'll go anywhere if I'm not working/on call. I agree that Mon-Wed nights is better due less traffic/DHs.
  11. Mon Tue or Wed for me. I'm happy going in any direction except too far east :wink:
  12. newtown is a good place nice food but bad parking. somewere with great food good parking
  13. Thursday is my RDO so Wednesday or Thursday would suit me. Needs to be fairly central. FWIW maybe Ryde is not exactly central, esp for people coming from down south.

    The only way to know what is central is for everybody to post their suburb if they're interested in coming, and then the venue can be better selected.
  14. Too far east, very witty mate. LMAO. :LOL:
  15. It seems to me you might just as well have every second Gathering at the Brewery.
    it seems fairly easy for most people to get too and we know the food is ok and the bikes are within view. It's also quiet and no one bothers us.
    Except Sled's new friend of course.
    (I'll probably forget about her in a few years time Sled.)
    Other nights out can be posted at riders local or favorite places and people who are not too far away can turn up at their discretion.
  16. ....I have to agree with Jaq, the Brewery probably is the best location. Geographical centre of Sydney, easy access, food, drink, views of the bike, not to mention the entertainment value of seeing Sleddog come face to face with his Ghost Rider......(missed it but would of been funny....)

    My 2 cents worth.....
  17. I mentioned this in the Brewery post... Wednesdays are good for me

    There is a wood fired italian pizza joint on Norton street Leichardt called GIOLA -located between Marlborough and Marlon Streets. It is equipped with its own carpark off the road (aswell as on road) directly out front where seating is provided. ILLY coffee too!
  18. tuesdays are a bugger because they are the sydney knights runs every tuesday :( (about 50+ sportsbikes meeting up near ashfield and going to numerous places every tuesday, old road, bondi, palm beach etc) thats why i cant come to the brewery ngihts, but another night would be good. wednesday or something.
  19. Best idea I've heard all day!

    Oh did I mention I can walk there :LOL: Let's have beer night instead! :LOL:
  20. Why can't we look at having several different locations/venues/nights for coffee?
    I'm sure we have enough Sydney folk to have a few meetings