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[SYD] 45 angle motorcycle parking means you too.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by gegvasco, May 5, 2006.

  1. If you were at Manly a few nights ago on an 303RS and decided to park parallel to the kerb in the angle bike parking area then up yours. You're lucky I'm wasn't inclined towards backing in at 45 degrees and "bumping" your scooter over onto the footpath.

  2. Then I would have turned you into a human crayon!
  3. err, fundies, perhaps you'd better MEET Greg first before saying that :LOL:
  4. Get over it? :LOL: ......
  5. Jeez, a scooter parked badly? Will wonders never cease! I would have picked it up and deposited it on teh footpath.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Yah that's just clumsy parking and probably not even deliberate.

    What really makes my blood boil is those arseholes that _deliberately_ park in disabled spaces.

    There is one right near the supermarket near me, which just happens to be in front of the bottle shop next to the supermarket.

    There are forever pricks stealing that spot in the evenings. Ring the council and ask them to check it occasionally... oh no sorry, we don't patrol after dark.

    Then some person with a disabled permit comes along and can't do thier shopping because these lazy pricks are in getting more VB to get more pissed.
  7. My father in law looooves to go up and pick arguments with people who park in disabled spaces.
    He is entitled to a disabled parking permit, but wil not get one yet, as he is still quite mobile, he only has a slight limp.
    It's very funny to see people ask him what business it is of his anyway, and then him showing them his wooden leg!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Dont get me started on people who park in disabled bays. Now i dont mean to be sexist, but the ones i see every morning near the office is mothers parking in teh blue bays while they run over the road to get a coffee.

    I like to follow them into the coffee shop and say stuff to them really loudly so everyone else can hear me. Stuff like 'geez your walking well today for someone whos disabled.' But if i'm in a really bad mood i'll just loose it and tell them that if they park in the disabled bay again i'll slash their tyre's.

    Edit: Yeah i do get worked up about this, but my cousin is in a wheel chair and i've been with him quite a few times when he's had to try and get his chair out of the car while he's in a normal parking bay. It aint easy. So i have no sympathy at all for these pricks.
  9. I nearly got in to a full on fist fight with a guy as I had parked in a disabled parking spot with a disabled sticker on my car.
    I walk up about to get in the car and a guy grabs me starts going off his head people are starting to crowed around ,i tell him where to go we start pushing and about to come to blows.
    THEN my nana who is about 90 pushs threw the large group watching and said ,whats going on here ,hes with me dip sh1t .

    Note to self never get into car with out nana next to you.

  10. Since the threads been derailed, I hate the people who won't move up into an intersection when turning right at traffic lights, bloody idiots should learn the road rules.

  11. No it was deliberate. Rather than pulling up and backing it in, they pulled straight in like a car would. It was sheer inconsiderate laziness. Hence my annoyance.
  12. nudge them man! push there scoot over greggles
  13. was this a bike parking zone with marked out bike lines ?

    or a regular parraell park 'car spot'
  14. It was about the length of 1 car space, had no lines but the sign post said "45 angle motorcycle parking"
  15. oh wow , the scooter driver must of had a brain fart.. sign posted 45 angle motorcycle parking.
  16. Maybe it was an admission that a scooter isn't a motorcycle so it is only motorcycles that have to park at 45 degrees. :bolt:
  17. i think i will go back to calling scooter drivers 'Drivers' not riders :)
  18. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, where's all this anger coming from? :shock:
  19. Yeah, OK. That produces a violent reaction in me too. :wink: