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[SYD] 2005 Kawasaki zx636r (ZX-6R) $9100 ono

Discussion in 'Archived' started by firstBike, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. 2005 Kawasaki zx636r (ZX-6R) 14,465 Kms $8800 ono -- SOLD --

    I am the third owner of this bike and it was my first upgrade from LAMS to my unrestricted license, I have put about 2K Kms on it during my 1 year ownership on weekend rides. I found it a great step up from my cbr250rr, very linear power delivery and predictable character.

    About the Model
    This model was one of the best 600's of the 05-06 years with the most power and a slipper clutch that wasnt in the others, It has that little more torque (street usability) than a normal 600 yet still offers that top end rush with the high rpm's of a 600 in-line 4. I dont need to say much as a simple google search will show the goods:
    mcnews http://www.mcnews.com.au/Testing/Kawasaki/ZX6R/2005/page1.htm
    motorcycle.com http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/kawasaki/2005-kawasaki-zx6r-15719.html

    About the bike
    The bike has never been dropped by me, there was one stationary drop when washing on the grass by the guy before me.

    I have had no problems with this bike and have looked after it:
    • always under cover and never taken out in the rain
    • lubricate the chain after every ride (Motul Chain lube)
    • 98 octance fuel only
    • warmed up properly
    • never been to the track


    The bike completely STOCK and comes with:
    • rear seat cowl
    • rear seat
    • 3 Keys two black and the red master
    • Soft copy of service manual - you will be able to do all your services and ill be happy to assist the new buyer

    In the time i have had it ive done a major and minor service, the guy i bought it from also just did a service before selling to me, new owner wont have to do a thing. Details of the service below (have pics and receipts as more proof) :

    Major Service (Oct 2009)
    Full Synthetic oil
    K&N Oil filter
    Kawasaki OEM air filter
    Complete Radiator flush
    New front and Rear tyres - Michelin Pilot Road dual compound (2CT) - bike still had the OEM Bridgestone BT14's on it
    New rear brake pads, bleed and fluid flush
    Both front brakes bleed and fluid flush

    Minor Service (April 2010)
    Full Synthetic oil
    K&N Oil filter
    Top up all fluids

    For pics of the above service click here

    Reason for sale is that I am moving house and dont have room for it as I also own a car. Hate to admit it but my 30 year old body does get a bit sore after riding now days :] so it just doesn't get ridden enough.

    Thats about all the information I can think of right now, will add more if anything else comes to me.

    Rego SGM 98 - Dec 2010. Test rides welcome but only if you bring the cash :]
    There is nothing to hide about this bike, PM or call me on 0410693640 if you have any questions (i work in a bank so prob in a meeting if i dont pick up, just txt me or leave your number and ill call you back).
  2. Hi All,

    Thanks for the interest. Bike is still for sale. But im going to the US for work and wont be back until the end of June. Ill reply to any pm's when im online but viewing will have to wait till i get back.
  3. Hi All,

    Back from the US. Bike is still for sale :]
  4. love the colour tone on that bike, looks good, your just in a bad time to sell a bike (winter)
    good luck with the sale though
  5. Yeh winter is always a bad time, im in no rush so i can always hold onto it :] Whats worse was when i was o/s i had a buyer that was set on my bike but couldnt wait. He bought another last friday :nopity: Just kills me that i can only take her out every two weeks or something. :-({|=
  6. Re: [SYD] 2005 Kawasaki zx636r (ZX-6R) $8800 ono

    Price drop $8800
  7. nice looking bike there
  8. This is Australia though, I'm surprised people don't get out more often in winter.

    Especially those ATGATT supporters who would otherwise roast in summer heat every time they went for a ride.

    Nice bike too :p, good luck selling
  9. just out of interest how many k's does she have on her?
  10. Hi Snowman, she had 14,655 km on her.

    Bike is now sold. Thanks for all the support guys.
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