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[SYD] 2003 Honda CBR600F4i

Discussion in 'Archived' started by lenny, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Sydney
    Honda CBR 600F4i
    Silver and Black
    Excellent Condition...
    Leo Vince Carbon Fibre Slip-on (+ unmarked original pipe)
    Ventura Rack and Bag
    Oggy Knobs (not fitted) new

    2nd Owner, Full service history.

    $8500 offers....


  2. Pictures are always helpful :)
  3. +1
  4. True

    Pics uploaded
  5. I was going to say thats drastically overpriced, but looking at the pics damn thats a clean bike! Very nice.
  6. is this still around.
  7. it sure is
  8. whats it worth now
  9. $9000 or best offer....
  10. best check the holiday fund then
  11. +1. That really IS clean. Might come back to this thread after mine sells. Good luck :)
  12. Price dropped

    Price drop evident in original post...$8500
  13. im out due to additional ski trips. surprised it hasnt sold yet though
  14. Where did the pics go??
  15. dont know what happened to the pictures.....

    I will re-load the pictures.

    I have had all of one phone call for my bike + inquiries here...it is a shame as it is a nice bike. (i think)
  16. It's a bloody brilliant bike. I can believe it hasn't been snapped up.
  17. Its just the price, not a great time to be selling. Can get a mint 954 for less than the asking price.

    Hold onto it if you can, you wont get what its worth at the moment.

  18. Truth. Nothing is moving unless you guts it. :(
  19. Different bike....different market...... and i could not see any near the condition or Klms on Bpoint..

    Anyways, she aint going anywhere....
  20. maybe 6.5 then
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.