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[Syd] 03/01/09 Day ride South from Sydney.

Discussion in 'NSW' started by daewoo, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. RNP -> Mt Kierra -> Dapto -> Mac Pass -> Kangaroo Valley -> Nowra -> Jamberoo -> Mt Kierra -> Bulli -> RNP

    Speed Limit +GST (traffic permitting).

    Aiming to leave (Loftus) about 8:30, I guess back about 3-4.

    Anyone interested???

  2. Keen (Mrs permitting) PM me your mobile and i'll sms you yay or nay later this evening.

  3. Hi John,

    Sent you a PM. Let me know if you didn't get it.

  4. Hi Bj,

    We have little kids, so I'll be up early.

    Call anytime after 7 if you are still interested.

  5. Noooo

    Can there be another of these soon?

    Thats my local run. I'd love to do it with some people!
  6. Well,

    I met Bj for the first time in the Loftus Oval Carpark (known gay pick-up place. My mate used to get the shits big time if I was late meeting him there for a Mountain Bike Ride, less one of his work colleagues would get the right, I mean wrong idea)...

    No other bikes at Bald Hill because it was a bit overcast... so we kept going and had a coffee in Coledale instead...

    Punted down Mt Kiera with some enthusiasm...

    Pi(s)t stop at Kanahooka (see earlier ref to coffee break)... Love the run through the cow farms to the Illawarra Highway... Got screwed up by some p^ick in a Landcruiser who HAD to overtake us on the last straight before Mac Pass (Bj on Ls) and then sit on 30 belching smoke to the overtaking lane on Mac Pass).

    Nice run into Kangaroo Valley, not too much traffic considering it was last weekend of holidays for most (like me)...

    My first time on the KV - Berry road on a bike, and it is fun, but a lot of traffic coming the other way...

    Run from Berry to Kiama was pretty average as everyone was going well slow... bloody Double Demerit points... and no overtaking places… Jamberoo Rd was a bit of the same, too much traffic for much fun…

    Freeway home from Albion Park other than the dash up Mt Kierra, and old highway to Waterfall… not much fun on a double points weekend either…

    Both Bj and I have babies at home as it turns out, so our ability to plan rides in advance is limited…

    I'll PM you next time… it is much more fun to have someone to chat to at the stops... I know Bj said he was hoping to do it on a monthly basis…

  7. That sounds like a good idea thanks for that. :grin:

    Went down to Berry on boxing day for a pie.

    Oh the irony of risking life and limb through the twisties for a pie. :LOL:
  8. I'd be interested in tagging along. I live in Wollongong so I could meet up at Bald Hill or the top of Mt. Keira. I usually have Saturdays off work.
  9. would also love to join for this. ive had limited experience with the other roads (except the highway), but know the natio like the back of my hand - that is in a car. only been on my l's for a month. if your keen to take me in, im keen to join.
  10. Hey Darryl, thanks for the tour it was lots of fun. Looks like we have a few takers for the next one, should be good. I'll keep an eye on this space for the next one.
  11. Hey hey hey...

    How did I get roped into being a ride leader??? I can barely ride myself :) ...

    I have since found out from hornet the road that we should have taken to get from Robertson across to the Kangaroo Valley road (Nowra Rd)... I knew there was one that we used the only other time I have done this route, but I am old, and my mammaries fail me sometimes...

    I will be sure to try to merember to post an event earlier next time... but I don't get many days off for riding with a 2mth old, and 2 other boys at home...

  12. Chuck em in foster care.

    Pick em up when we get back from the ride (uneless you want to leave them there of course :twisted:)

    btw im more likely to be free on a sunday than a saturday.

    Hope it works out ey :grin:
  13. i did that ride a few weeks ago with a mate it was fantastic
    let me know when your doing it again iam in
  14. I can do Sunday's (any day really) I just need a week's notice so I can put in an na at work for a particular day.

  15. The best way to find the road is that it is the left turn immeditately prior to the bus shed once in the 100kmh zone after crossing the railway line headed west .

    The road is called 'Pearsons Lane' and runs to a T-intersection with 'Wildes Meadow Road where you turn right and follow that until another T-junction where you turn left. This is Nowra Road which runs into KV and beyond.

    There are other ways but they either involve dirt (Belmore Falls) of aren't that interesting or exciting (but I still take them occasionally for variety).

  16. anyone interested in doing simliar route on sat (10th)? at fairly low speed?
  17. love to, pending on weather, LMK im from hurstville, prob cant go all the way man, its quite a long trip all the way, maybe down natio, then up kangaroo valley to robertson, lunch there and back??

    LMK, all the ways abit long, u a learner or a P plater sir?
    im a learner but cant really strech it to p plater speeds as i ride a dirt bike, its gasping for breath past 90, lol
  18. learner. havnt been riding for long so not heaps confident, slow corners etc. i was thinking natio, maq pass down to nowra, then back through berry for doughnuts, onto kiama then jamberroo. from there back to sydney however you feel like. F6 is pretty boring but. maybe hit up the old highway, up bulli pass old highway back to waterfall...
  19. Sunday???

    I'm busy on sat but sunday sounds like a good day! :grin:

    PM me if ur keen for Sun
  20. ok il be riding out tomorrow morning. if anyones keen to join me PM contact details and il let you know whats happening. if anyone seems keen il arrange meet up at 8:30 at loftus oval and leave by 8:45. cheers