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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by devotard, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. I'm out with injury and in lieu of riding decided to spruce my bike up with some new graphics. I'm not normally one for show over go, but being broke and broken limits your options. I have access to printers/plotters/laminators which means I really should do it more often! It's looking better than ever. Here's some pics.


    Anyway, the bike.

    Above is the first SXV in Australia I am told. It was originally flown in by the JSG and used as a practice bike by the factory Aprilia team after the first VDB bike arrived. It is still basically standard sans the Ohlins forks, revalved/resprung shock, 16.5" front, and minor bits and pieces. I bought it a few months ago after having raced a ktm525 for 12 months. The two bikes are chalk and cheese.

    It only had 50 hours on it, but they were 50 hard hours and the motor was a bit tired so I replaced it right away with a low kilometer donk that had failed pressure testing during what was basically a low-key factory recall. Split the new motor, resealed it and basically got a new bike with some quality suspenders. :grin:

    Soon to come over the coming weeks whilst I'm out of action.... (being unable to ride save lots of money!!! bittersweet :grin: :cry: )

    Mod triple clamps to 14mm offset
    Adler slipper clutch
    Mount lap timer
    Full beringer fit out from old bike
    -draw up and machine bracket for 6 pot caliper
    -new disc hubs for cast discs
    -replace M/C
    Stepped seat
    Shorten swingarm 30mm
    Tubeless conversion on wheels or alternatively marchesinis/alpinas if budget permits (I doubt it).

    Hi-flow air filter
    Full exhaust
  2. I love that bike, hott as :cool:
  3. Fantastic drool-worthy bike.

    Wait - you said that you replaced the motor after just 50 hours of use?

    Wow - those 6000kms service interval costs are a reall doozy, eh?

    "Parts: 1 new motor"

    Sorry for being a bit sarcastic - I had no idea they were that short-lived. I think the SXV's will remain just a dream bike for me.

    Damn nice bikes though.
  4. Yes, 50 hours, but it'd been ridden by Josh Mcfarlane for 2 years and handed around for anyone else to try later in its life. Bloody surprising it was still going. The other teams don't have such luck with bikes! But still running well or not, I'm not going to take that gamble when traveling long distances at great expense to race. Beyond the 1st run problems some of the bikes had (or having an a-grade rider ride the shit out of it), they do indeed have MUCH longer service intervals than the equivalent singles, all the while putting out up to 40% more horsepower. A standard CRF will be getting a new top end at the 80 hour mark. A CRF putting out 70hp will be rebuilt between races.

    It would be a great weekend toy if you were willing to read, learn and be very strict on oil levels.
  5. Hope the recovery all goes to plan

    Thanks for the pics - and all the best when you're back racing
  6. Cheers toecutter. So far so good, and I lost nearly 10kg. :grin:
  7. Cheapest upgrade by far! Love your bike. :cool: :cool:
  8. Not to make a liar of myself, I've got a bit done. ....And everyone loves a photo.

    New caliper mount ready to be machined.

    Sweet, sweet six potter in place whilst drawing up new mount.

    Made up some brackets for my laptimer to mount on my top triple clamp

    First time back on the bike, starting to feel good.

    Got my rear suspension working, no more chunking, just nice smooth(ish) wear :D

    Went road racing, dropped lap times over 2 seconds, got 3rd in the Qld State RR Champs. Good enough times for top 5 in supersport. :shock:

    The "major" damage from a 170km/hr lowside on another SXV... :LOL:

    What's goin on here....

    Bling bling! Not for show, reduces offset by 10mm and steepens steering angle by 2 degrees.

    Getting ready for install... The girls I live with just love me.

    I've also installed the stepped seat, an Adler slipper clutch and a hi flow filter. Got some Marchesini forged wheels going on soon too, and the shortened swingarm is in the works... Getting close though, with correct geometry and better brakes, this thing will be just about right. :cool:

    Cheers for looking.
  9. Haha, why is the tripple trees in the freezer, does it make the metal shrink or something, or you like working with cold parts so your hands dont get oily :LOL:

    Very tuff mods, $$$$ as well.
  10. Spot on. :wink: Cool the steering stem, heat the bearing, on she goes.... or at least it worked well last time. :shock:

    Not many $$$ spent so far. You grow wiser on your 2nd motard build.
  11. Cool, i know when Boyd Coddington wheels are made they have the two pieces, outer rim and centre spokes. They freeze the centre piece and then chuck it in the rim and heat it with a oxy lightly and the wheel is completely fused and they wont ever come apart.

    It'll look different with the Marchesini wheels as opposed to spoked Excel rims. Il keep an eye on this thread.

  12. looks bloody fantastic devotard... those supermotos are hawt!
  13. Cheers! :grin:

    Tested the new triples last night. I realised I made a pretty major oversight not taking into account the fork leg bottoms on my Ohlins had a different offset to standard SXV items, so I'm running pretty crazy offset now. It's all come together though, and whilst I'm going to try and get some new inserts for the triples to have a play with different offsets the stopwatch doesnt lie and I was definitely quicker with the new setup even whilst getting accustomed to it.

    Yawn..... :LOL: Here's some pics from the State RR champs!

    Close racing! It was like this for 6 laps until I lost the lead with two to go.
    [​IMG] :cry:
  14. mmm, plotters/printers/laminators???

    I'm hoping to re-paint the Hornet over Christmas, with some simple auto paint instead of its current un-matchable candy apple. I'd like to talk to you about replacement badges, graphics, etc???

    Love the pics, incidentally, funny to see the old foot out in a road-racing scenario :LOL:.
  15. I've gotten a bit of a hard time with the foot out, mainly from the supermono guys when I was on the ktm. They were just dirty about getting beaten by a chook chaser. :LOL:

    Re: graphics... talk away. :) I do more stuff for other people's bikes than I do my own.
  16. Well, I want two of these
    or as close as possible to, because the tank is going to have to be stripped back to metal for proper repair to a dent on the left side, and these stickers will both go.....
  17. You've got PM. We can't be sullying this thread with Hornets. :p
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