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Switching the plates on registered and unregistered bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kols_kebabs, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. I know I'll probally get attacked for asking this by certain safety concious riders but...

    Hypothetically, if I own two bikes, but can only afford to register one, Are there any problems with simply switching the plates when I want to ride the unregistered one?
    Aside from the obvious uninsurance of the bike- although I only have compulsory third party anyway. Statistically a rider is unlikely to injure another person in a crash, and the price of third-party is way over-inflated, so this is not hugely important I'm thinking. I wouldn't do it in a car.

    The only flaw in this plan, is the possibility that when pulled over, police could actually look closely at the rego label to see what model is registered. But I've never even had a check to see if my bike is registered at all when randomly stopped, let alone if it was the right model on the rego sticker. I'm sure the chances of getting away with it are close to 100%.

    I ask all this because I have a friend who recently bought an RF600. He's on his P's and the bike was unregistered. Being money conscious he decided to take the risk of riding the bike the hour long drive back to his place from the seller. Unfortunately, a parked police car randomly monitoring traffic number plates for rego spotted him and he was pulled over and seriously booked. $1500 or so. If he had simply taken the plates from his GPZ250 and put them on the 600 he would have easily gotten away with it.
    I'm now in a similar situation, and wondering what the chances are of me being caught doing this?

    Unfortunately both my bikes have CTP insurance rates of $600 annualy for an 18 year old. That's a lot of moola.
  2. I was just looking at the rego sticker for the SZR660 actually. It says "Model: BFM96B" What the hell does that mean?
    So long as the tank says Yamaha, no one would be able to tell which bike it was at all, it doesn't appear to be displayed on the rego sticker.
  3. If the cops do a rego check, and they often do...

    KK 666 will come up as an Yamaha SZR 660, not as a Suzuki GS 500.

    If, on the other hand, like myself, you have two bikes of the same model...JAQ 007 will come up as BMW no matter which bike I'm on.
    If they ask why it's listed as silver and is now black, one simply points out that it has been re-sprayed
    I've never had a cop check engine numbers yet, although be aware they do often do this with Harleys.

    You may get past an automated rego check, then again if the cop is quick enough and notices you were not on the model of bike the plate is listed to, he will call ahead to the stopper/pursuit unit and you're farked mate.

    Good luck: Jaq.
  4. cops regularly do rego checks. but very unlikely that they would notice different plates unless they were doing a blitz (or knew bike models well). especially out of victoria where the cops arent as anal.

    but IF you did, you'd get hit with an equally nasty fine. and if you're still stupid enough to try it...

    the thought that if you stuffed up - one little mistake, one slip in the wet, anything your fault, and you'll be paying for it all, medical expenses, damage to other vehicles/buildings/everything
  5. Sometimes I ride my track bike to work, I cable-tie the number plate off the 250 to the back of it, and wire up a brake light/sticky tape it to the tail.
  6. Be very careful here KK. The offence you are committing is called "Plates Calculated To Deceive" and whilst I don't know what the current fine for it is, I imagine it would be pretty exxie. Bear in mind also that NSW Highway Patrol have a new camera that actually reads number plates and is linked to an onboard computer and can display the full rego details of your vehicle within a couple of seconds of them pointing the camera at your plate. Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Waratah Highway Patrol offices share the camera so you could get tagged anywhere in your area.

    But like most things - if you get away with it, then good luck to you.
  7. I'ts also not just the 3rd party insurance that is in-valid, it is your TAC (or NSW equivalent) that covers YOU in the event of an off. This is the one that covers YOUR medical bills and loss of income in the event of you being hospitalised and off work. So before you do it, ask yourself if you have enough money to cover you if you have no income for 12mths and massive hospital bills?
    So, ' hypothetically', I'm guessing by the fact that you don't have the money to register both bikes that the answer is NO.

    And don't believe "it can't/won't happen to me". You need only read here a little to see how easy some people have come off.

    From a risk assessment point of view, don't do it, just save up for the other rego.
  8. Re: Switching the plates on registered and unregistered bike

    That 3rd party is for any rider/driver and the vehicle, not you and any [unregistered] vehicle. No rego = no insurance.

    Sell one or don't ride one.
  9. If you need to move a bike from one place to another you can simply get an Unregistered permit.

    I've done it for cars that have run out of rego and assume the same would apply for bikes (Victorian so hopefully NSW has the same)

    This gives you up to 28 days of temporary registration for a vehicle while you sort out getting it registered properly (at least that's the intention anyway).
  10. your kidding right, Oh ha, ha i get it you make joke????

    And to think i ride on the same roads as people that even consider this sort of thing. ](*,)
  11. Re: Switching the plates on registered and unregistered bike

    I believe that is all that needs to be said, it's a bit stupid really. I think that your nuts. You're complaining about the price of things as an 18 y/o for insurance. wait until you have a crim record for driving an unregistered bike + being 18 y/o + the huge f'en fine. That's expensive. :evil: :roll:

    I re-iterate...
  12. Mate, i did something like this quite a while ago, when i was young and stupid (oh wait i am still young and stupid) but it was on a car. I had 2 cars the same make, one was written off, and i just rebuilt, the other one out of most of the parts from the first one and since they were the same make, only colour difference, the old one was silver the new one blue, i thought i would just swap the plate over and drive it, for the last couple of months of rego that it still had, and thne just get it done properly after that (short on cash at the time) Anyway second day after i did that, i got pulled over for random check (wasn't doing anything stupid just plain random check) well they did the rego check, it check out that it was registered, they asked why it was listed as a different colour and that was when the problems started..... as i too told them i had just changed the colour, well their response was thats fine, we will just check the vin number, as you can imagine, this didn't line up.... as it was a different body. After quick discussion I and then having to prove the car wasn't stolen, he order me to pull the plates off right then and there (well we go into a bit of fisty cuffs for a few other reasons, which propbably didn't help my situation) but, ended up coping a about 5 fines $1200 and a couple of points, then they threated to fine me again as i had a unregisted vechile sitting on the side of the road.... so unless i arranged a towtruck (right then and their) in front of them they were going to write me another ticket, so add a tow truck fees to the bill. All in all cost me alot of money, then i had to register the vechile anyway. It was stupid thing to do and i should of known better, guess i learnt the expensive way that time. Anyway i wrote this up as hopefully after reading what i wnet through might, help you aviod a similair situation.

    Cheers stewy
  13. I've no idea what you're talking about. I've never heard of any insurance that covers ME in the event of an off. I've got full private health insurance, which covers myself for accidents on and off the bike, and whether I'm riding a registered bike or not.

    That's what I said... I know I'll be uninsured, but I'm hoping the risk of injuring another person in a crash is significantly low. There's a much greater risk of myself smashing a beamer, but I still ride without 3rd party property out of necessity.
    Where's the fun in that?

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck Stewy. A clear example of murphy's law- the one time you can't afford to be pulled over it happens straight away.
  14. Does NSW not have an equivalent of the TAC?
  15. My mate regularly swaps the plates between his Duc ST4 and 999. Believe me most cops don't know what they're looking at even if he was pulled over.

    All of us have been young and dumb at some stage or another, but these days I generally play by the rules. I just don't need that sort of shit in my life when everything goes wrong.

    I basically see it these days as trying to make trouble for yourself. The amount in fines that I paid when I was younger perhaps could have bought me a decent bike!
  16. If you are pulled over for a licence check and the bike is the same model then no, they would not know that the bike you are on is unreged. Providing you remembered to swap rego stickers as well.

    If you throw it into the back of a Bentleigh whilst Grandma Josephine is putting her lawn bowls bag in her boot and you rip her legs off (hows that for imagination? :LOL:) and the scene was attended to by the Major collision unit that treat the place lime a crime scene and check every finite detail then I would worry a hell of a lot more than where you were going to find $600 to pay your rego.

    Also I would check your private health insurance cover carefully. They may have a clause in there that nullifies any claim that you can make if you were found to be participating in any illegal activity.
    In which case you might be more out of pocket than the $600 that you would have paid for rego.
  17. No you don't mate. You will be considered to be contributarily negligent, the medical insurance company will work out what amount THEY would have saved by your TAC claim offset, and only pay you a cent AFTER you have paid that amount yourself. You are truly a dumb ass if you think insurance companies are as dumb as you.
  18. i'd play by the rules because if you or your friend were in some sort of accident with the wrong rego plates, you are fcuked.
  19. Your health insurance will only cover you for injuries and medical expenses and even then you will be out of pocket, private health insurance wont cover you for lost earnings. If you can't afford to reg both bikes, then register the one you will want to be riding more often till you can afford to pay the rego on the other one.

    My dad used to tell me when I was young and I couldn't wait to by my own car, "buying the car is the easy bit, running it is a different story" this is advice I pass onto you my friend. The straight road is usually the quickest. Dont be stupid and ride unregistered or uninsured, the risk far far outweighs the benefits as many unfortunate people find out the hard way.
  20. kols_kebabs, if you were my 21yo son or 18yo daughter or one of there many friends i know i would ride you so hard you would not even consider doing this, it's like safty gear, or new tyres IF YOU CANT AFFORD THEM YOU CANT AFFORD TO RIDE/DRIVE.
    Do you smoke? drink? spend money on loose women? give up a few luxuries for a week or 3 and your bills are covered.

    IF you get picked up, have a prang or actualy injur yourself or some one your farked, in this day and age it's NOT worth the risk.
    Yes, yes i did stupid shit like that but the world is NOT the same now, every ass hole is looking to get $$$ from you.