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switching off engine at traffic lights

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RJ45, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. I recently came back from Japan and i noticed some riders over there tend to switch off engine at the traffic lights...

    I like the idea, silence is golden when the bike is not moving...

    just wondering if it's okay for the bike over the long term? does the starter motor take that much of a beating? it seems that when the engine is warm, it starts very very easily....

    ideas? thoughts?

  2. I've done it from time to time. Some bikes I'm 200% confident will start straight away every time, and I do it. Most are not quite that reliable, and I leave them running. Also depends on, if you know the lights at this intersection take about 3 min, and you saw them change as you arrived...
  3. With this heat, my CBR600RR with the under tail pipe has been burning my balls so recently I've been turning off the engine to let it cool at the lights.
  4. Give that a shot on a Ducati and tell me how you go.
  5. I'm too paranoid to take it out of gear let alone turn it off.

    Certainly wouldn't be doing it until I was sure the guy behind me had stopped.
  6. The question is, why?
  7. Depends, do they use the kill switch or the ignition? :p
  8. this is why i hate the new Honda scooter PCX 125, it shuts the engine off when you come to a set of lights.

    can you say speed bumps.
  9. Not for his little black duck!
    Slip through to front of que,
    Clutch in, right foot on peg.
    Lights go green, quick head check and I'm out of there.
    I am not going to sit there and pray my bike starts and hope the car pilot behind me doesn't get impatient.

    Sounds down right dangerous to me.
  10. ?

    never really noticed this on previous visits.

    i'm over there in a cple of wks. see if i notice this...

    generally they to like to be loud over there.

    personally, i see no benefit. i'd prefer to have it running in case i need to make a quick escape.
  11. I HAVE to do it in the summer only though. Typical of the 09 R1, they get very hot. I even avoid riding in the city summertime cos of it. Yeh the fans do switch on but seeing the temp at 104 to 109 all the time coudln't be good for it.
    Never had a problem restarting at the lights.
    Winter is all good.
  12. What's the difference in using either?
  13. dudes, this is japan.

    any western logic must be left at arrivals.
  14. so they can compose haiku at the lights?
  15. Dont you like puppies?

    I cant say I have had a problem overheating..that's the only reason I'd shut the bike down. Not even to save the hundred or so mills of juice.I'd prefer to keep the power on and ready for instant use..not to say I'll launch every start but if you need to move in a hurry you can without delay.
    The biggest strain on your battery is from starting..sure a hot engine restart almost first time every time..but why bother?
  16. Rather keep it on, in gear and ready..

    But intersection of Sprinvale and Dandenong Rd can be quite a wait sometimes and worthing of neutral and a stretch...
  17. Ok.....maybe I need a few more coffees this morning....but Que???? :confused:
  18. yup, i do it at intersections i know well, moreso in summer
    not that hard, just watch the lights so you know when to start up again
  19. I've done it a few times stuck in city traffic .... had no problems.....
  20. That's the level one challenge, now try it on an old brit bike with lucas electrics.