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Switch on cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by lastlineofdefence, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Had a search around and could not find the answer.
    But what is the switch for located on the nearside handle bar of cbr250rr. It toggles up and down. I think it has the marking of 'H' at the top and 'S' down the bottom?
    Couldn't work out what it does?

  2. Not sure, maybe clutch adjustment?
  3. Headlights on/off switch perhaps?
  4. Would that be left or right side? :shock:

    There's a good chance it's the headlight switch, which is supposed to blanked off (in the 'on' position) when imported to comply with our regulations.
  5. ur post does not make sense, if it 3 modes its the headlight off,pilot light,on if its a button type switch its headlights highbeam and hightbeam off
  6. Depends on what side you're standing on. :LOL:

    I'd say left as it's near side to the curb. :)
  7. It made sense to me, lol.

    OK i will explain better. When seated, where your left hand holds the handle bar, there is a toggle switch next.

    If you have a look in the pic, and its not the best i know, but see the little switch to the left, to the left, of the lights button. Its half cut off by the photo, sorry.

  8. I can draw a little circle around it if need be.

    Or try to find better pic?
  9. Matchstick told me tonight thats its a low, high and off for the headlight.

    when they compliance the bikes to australian standards, they take it off.
  10. So they take it off and put on the button type?
  11. If ur in 5 fith gear and at 14,000 rpm and push that ur bike will self distruct

    yeah if ur in hight beam ur supposed to push that to change to normal beam temporarily. reraly usless lots of bikes dont have em. (U gota keep it down)
  12. Have you tried switching it up and down? Give it a go, whatever happens is what it does. If nothing happens then it does nothing. :)
  13. yes. :wink: