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Swinging both ways, after a SV1k

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by se7en, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. So, my SV1000S got stolen.
    I'd done a few little things to it, and it fitted me just nicely. Then some oxygen thief decided to pinch it from the airport.
    So now I'm stuck with which way to go.
    I liked the easy torque of the SV1000S - pulled nicely from 4k, didn't have to madly swap cogs all the time. And the big twin sounds much cooler than a i4 at around town type speeds.
    Ergos wise it was pretty good too. Nice compromise position, still fairly sporty, but also comfortable for 90 minutes or so at a stretch.
    The smart thing to do would be to get another SV - but I looked around for ages to find the one I bought, then spent a bit of time getting it just right... so I just cant face going through that again. Likewise the Honda VTwin. The SV is a better bike, so that'd be a step backwards.

    So, now I'm torn.
    Part of me wants a CBR 1000 or an R1. Because I like fast things. But I'd almost never use the potential of the bike, so I think that'd annoy me.
    Part of me wants a cruiser. I'm angry about the SV, so I'd like an angry bike. Perhap even a Hardley - a stripped and blacked out 48 with stupid loud pipes. But the seating position on cruisers seems a bit odd - I like to be able to stand up on the pegs from time to time.

    So is it a Street Triple then?

    Has anyone else moved on from a sports/tourer style twin? What came next?


  2. Ducati Multistrada?
    Big twin, good machine according to reviews, versatile, comfy riding position.
  3. What about the Yamaha XJR 1300??

    Big, fast & looks furious as well. Pretty comfortable & will allow you to stand on the pegs as well. :)
  4. I have ridden road and trail bikes most of my riding life, even a short time at racing. I was always against cruisers and found their seating and pedal configuration not to my liking. Said I would never own one. My son purchased one against my advice and I began to change my point of view. Next I purchased one for myself and after a couple of rides and I became familiar with the ride and now am very happy with my cruiser. With a cruiser you don't feel like standing up on the pegs, it is quite comfortable and your knees don't lock up.
  5. I know I'm biased, but if you liked the lazy torque and ergos of the SV then give the Speed Triple a test ride.
  6. After my SV1000S I bought a Buell Ulysses, then I bought a Aprillia SXV550 motard about a year later to go with the Buell. I liked the Buell as much as the SV but in a different way, it had more character but more problems.

    But the buell is a twin sportstourer as well really. I sold the Buell after a couple of years and after that I got the R1 (2006) but I didn't like it.

    I would get the Harley if you want a Harley, they keep their value so if you didn't like it you could sell it and buy something else. Maybe a XR1200 which will have pegs underneath you like you are used to, you would be able to stand on those.
  7. Thanks
    The Speed triple does look kinda cool, I'll have to try one I think. The Aprilia RSV 1000 likewise I think.

    The riding I do does seem to make me think a cruiser would be worth looking at, but I am struggling to get my head around where all the hp goes. When the sports type twins get 100 - 120 hp per litre and still have good torque, why do the cruisers struggle to find 70 or 80 ponies?

  8. Cruisers tend towards undersquare engines: long stroke makes lots of low down torque but not so good for horsepower.
    Sportsbikes tend towards oversquare: shorter stroke, not so much torque, great for lots of power at high RPM.
  9. Oh I understand the theory, it just seems the implementation is kinda poor in some traditional cruisers.
    eg the SV1000 made around 75 ft/lbs of torque from 996cc
    the harley 1200 engine makes ~70 ft/lbs of torque from 1200cc.
    Now, I appreciate that the SV makes the torque a bit higher in the rev range, but surely if you are making a conscious decision to use a stroker engine to maximise torque at the expense of rpm and hence power, you'd want the outcome to be better than an oversquare engine designed to maximise HP at the expense of torque?

    I struggle with the idea of moving to a bike that has the same torque, just over half the hp, and uses more fuel. That's all. Even though the concept of a cruiser seems to match my riding.

  10. There are some cruisers that make decent HP. My 109 makes approx 120BHP & 160NM stock, the Vrod is much the same with a much smaller engine & if you can afford it the Vmax makes plenty more.
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    My buell was definitely faster off the line than my sv1000 by a lot. Dont read everything off paper.

    The Harley dealers in Sydney are giving free weekend test rides to compete with victory, I would go see if you can blag a decent ride on one, only you will know.

    Oh and the buell was more not less fuel efficient. But judge for yourself.
  12. I'm asuming the Buell used the H-D 1200, not a rotax engine. If so, that's really interesting feedback. I'm assuming it was a mix of gearing and the SVs liking to lift the front wheel. At this point in my life i'd be happy with a bike that's all out of puff at 150 (well... maybe 200...) so shorter gearing is a good thing.

    I'll go ride a metric cruiser or two as well then (the 109 look huge though, there's one at work, I'll buy the owner a coffee and have a chat.)

    thanks for all the ideas.

  13. Mine was the 1200 harley motor but i just realised with the Buell head it had another 10hp than the SV. Thye have the rights to that tech but i think they ar selling it as screaming eagle add ons.
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    Have you considered a KTM supermoto R or Superduke?

    Or a V-twin Tuono?

    This is my shortlist when I sell the Daytona!
  15. My 'must ride' shortlist is currently;
    Tuono (sexy as hell)
    Street triple R (the clitoris of motorbikes)
    Speed triple (something about the look doesn't quite work for me)
    Buell Thunderbolt (So many innovations, but pushrods turn me right off!)
    H-D forty eight (10 million septics can't all be wrong. Wait....)
    VStar 1100 (cheap and fun customising)
    109 (although I think this is just too big)

    So what's the bet I end up with a monster or a thruxton :)
  16. MT-01 maybe?
  17. Heh
  18. That is a great left field suggestion. I've been interested in these myself. Lots of torque but not in a traditional cruiser chassis. I've never understood why these bikes aren't more popular (but I am an old fart, so I'm not up with "the kids" and their new fangled ideas of what's cool etc)/
  19. Sorry for reviving an old thread but what did you end up with?