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Swing-Arm Damage

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by aoeu, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. As per my other thread my bike was involved in a rear-ender where my bike was shunted a good few meters. Part of the insurance process is assessing the bike's repair cost etc. What I'm concerned about is whether swing-arm damage can be correctly and accurately assessed by a registered/qualified bike mechanic. The impact would have put considerable force directly into the swing-arm from behind. It was not a side impact and thus would not have bent it sideways. I imagine there would be a lot of stress on the swing-arm bearings and pivot points itself and there may be damage which is not visible. I would be very uncomfortable riding a bike which at minimum has not had a new swing-arm put in. That said I was told that if it was damaged at all, it would be a write-off.

    I fear that at least an engineer would have to look over the rear as opposed to just a regular mechanic, who may not spot fractures in metal. Am I over-thinking things? We only have 2 wheels, and if one fails we are f*d. Is a mechanic qualified for these things? Am I meant to take the bike to my dealership for assessment, or to a smash repair center?

  2. Bike mechanics do accident repair work day in and day out, they and the insurance company will assess the bike, if the swing arm is damaged they should be able to pick it up in addition the bikes are test ridden before being returned to you, if a swingarm is bent or damaged it should be easily picked up on a test ride. I think you are over thinking it, take it to a dealer and get it assessed and go from there.