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Swine Flu will sodomise you, kill you and steal your wallet!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bonk, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Before we all hysterically stock-up on Tamiflu, vitamin C, glad-wrap and shotgun shells; the only deaths from 'Swine Flu' have occurred in Mexico.

    Mexico is not a first world county with first world medicine.

    It's sort of 2nd world... I guess... maybe... if you can afford it.

    (figures from 2006)
    Mexico's population: 106,202,903
    Mexico's death-rate: 4.74 per 1,000 people
    Number of deaths = 503,401

    Pnuemonia and Influenza are responsible for only 2.6% of these deaths.
    They are the 9th largest killers (heart disease is the biggest, about 6 times more deaths than pneumonia and influenza).

    2.6% of 503,401 = 13,088 deaths per year from pneumonia/influenza

    13,088 / 52 = 251 deaths per week from pneumonia/influenza

    Swine Flue apparently responsible for 150 deaths in Mexico in, what? a fortnight??? :arrow: and the media is shitting frisbees.

    So if you get the sniffles, avoid alcohol, get plenty of rest, and make sure to drink enough water - but don't pick up a newspaper! That could cause brain damage.

  2. my question is how did it transfer? did a dirty mexican f^&* a pig??

    if any wowers out there start talk about it mutating or some other correct term STFU I want fun discussions =D

  3. It is quite common for those people who work with pigs to gets influenza (The swine form), and no the person does not neccesarily have to copulate with the pig to catch it.

    I can't understand why the f***ing media are making such a big thing out of it. From my understanding it still has not mutated so that it is transmitted from person to person yet, and secondly even if a person catches it all that the person requires for treatment is hydration and bed rest. As ususal the media is making a big thing out of nothing.
  4. They've announced that human to human transmission has been confirmed.
  5. Funny how everytime there is an economic downturn a killer illness will arise as if to to take the focus off the economy. It gives the people something else to worry about.

    BTW..I survived SARS.
  6. Possibly a good idea to check the facts before posting.

    This virus (which might be better called 'manbirdpig flu' since it seems to have genes from human, avian and porcine (?) flu viruses) is human-to-human transmitted, which is why the world health body has lifted its pandemic alert to level 4.

    So far there have been no fatalities in countries other than Mexico, but there are confirmed infections in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand at least. There are well over 2000 people infected in Mexico City.

    The death count rose rapidly through 2 days of reporting, from 81 to 103 to 149, but then the number stopped changing a couple of days ago. I suspect it's not that people stopped dying but that the numbers stopped being reported.

    No need to panic, and it makes sense to take basic precautions. But to dismiss something in its very earliest stages on the basis of spurious comparisons to whole-of-population just makes no sense. There was a single 'Patient Zero' for AIDS, which is much harder to transmit - sex or needles rather than just a sneeze - and no fatilities for years... and now it's killed tens of millions and is still doing so.

    This may or may not be a massive pandemic, but if it's not it just means there's still one to come. And I for one will be *delighted* if I'm proved wrong and the flap is all over and no more people die.

    But it's *far* too early to be making that call.
  7. That's the media for you - If it bleeds, it leads.

    In this case, nothing is bleeding, so If it coughs and has aches and pains, it leads.
  8. You're right, I over-stated on that one: 89 people being tested and another 20 or so sought for testing. Some people have been confirmed with an 'unidentified influenza A', which may be it and they just don't have the full signature yet, or may not.

    Again, I'm not counselling panic, just a more measured response than 'it's nothing'.
  9. i hope everyone panics
    i've got my looting kit packed and ready by the door
  10. [​IMG]
    Don't panic..Don't Panic
  11. Dont worry, we'll all be dying of something next week according to the media.
  12. True story this . . . . (fellow Facebookers know about it)

    On Monday night, driving home from the gym I got pulled over for a RBT. The police officer attending to me had a bit of a sniffle, as I was doing the count to 10 on the breathalizer, he let off of hugh sneeze !

    A light bulb ticked in my head - I was going to joke with him and say, "You better get checked that out, it could be swine flu" !! :LOL:

    I chickened out, I know some NSWHP officers can be assholes - so I kept quiet, knowing that I have a cop-joke for next time I come across a more-friendly copper who can accept pig-jokes !
  13. I hate all you people who make a joke of everything. This is not a hoax or some conspiracy theory, its real and will effect us all. I've seem the proof!

  14. Whatever the end result is it is just a form of the influenza virus... which is primarily a risk for young children/infants and the elderley. Apart from that swine,avian or any other type are treated/prevented with the same drugs i.e. Tamiflu or Relenza. The media as usual are trying to scare the shit out of people :twisted:
  15. I'm very disappointed in you.
  16. 'SOME' HWP can be assholes? :)

    i was grabbing some late night maccas with some mates in Parramatta one night. i'd noticed two police officers in front of me in the line, one of them had the tag sticking out on her jumper. i was browsing the menu (back when bacon had just been released as the $1 upgrade on burgers)
    "OOH! BACON!" i said.
    apparently i was too busy staring at the menu, wondering what i'd have bacon with, because my mate told me the cop-chick had turned around and given me the biggest glare
  17. This is why I think the panic is occurring, the swine flu is killing the 25-45 year olds... and not the usual suspects, which is similar to what the Spannish flu attacked that wiped out many....

    but it is a good case of: remember to be hygienic and regularly wash your hands
  18. im heading to the states next week, so i don't like it

    and i've already decided i'm not going to catch it
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