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Swerve to miss pedestrian + cold tyres = slide

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by lornetkowiec, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Need to vent about this mornings ride to work :-({|=

    I left home for work (commute from Lane Cove to Manly Vale) at about 7:30 this morning and 2 minutes from home I am about to turn left onto Pacific Highway from Epping Rd. The arrow is green and I notice a woman look and attempt to cross when she sees me and then decides to step back. In the blink of an eye she changes her mind and she decides to make a mad dart across in front of me. I had to swerve to the right to get around her and then lean left to make the turn onto Pacific Highway. The next thing you know I lose the front and my bike and me are pirouetting down the road. WHAT THE FARK!!! It all happened SO fast and before I really even knew what had happened traffic had banked up behind me and I jumped up and picked up my bike (suprised I lifted it so easily - must have been adrenaline), clicked it in to neutral and pushed it down the side street.

    I quickly check that I am ok, can walk fine, a bit of pain on my left hip/ass and my right knee. Apart from that all good. Some good samaritan stopped to ask if I am ok and if I need assistance - Thanks!!

    We try to piece together what happened and go back looking for oil or gravel. No sign of either. I think it must just have been to much lean on cold tyres?? The bike had only been running for a few minutes and this was the first corner. The lady crossing the road didn't stop but I am more upset with myself than her for me not avoiding the situation. I stopped there on the way home and can't see what else caused me to bin it...

    Anyway glad to walk away and thank fark for being geared up. My A* leather jacket held up awesome - I took most of the fall on my left elbow and couldn't feel a thing through the jacket. The shift jeans did great too, apart from a bit of bruising there is no gravel rash, the jeans didn't even tear.

    The bike - oggy knobs are THE SHIT!!!! If not for the oggy which is worn down a bit my LH fairing would be scratched to buggery. As it is the engine case is scratched, gear level scratched but not bent, handlebar scratched and rear peg for paddock stand broken off. Cosmetic damage only! Rides no problem...thank goodness.

    So all in all could've been a lot worse. Glad it's Friday and I can have a drink (or a few). Ended up telling my boss this arvo who says we will discuss it on Monday, and as it happened on the way to work I should file an incident report and may be covered for damages. Not sure how this will work because it was a single vehicle accident and I don't have any witnesses (I really don't want to get a neg charge either).

    Anyway sorry for the long post I'm off to have another beer

  2. Yeah...sorry mate...that's the shits!

    And I think you've nailed it...cold tyres, lean angle from the swerve and then a front-end lose, unfortunately.

    Glad you're ok, though. :)

  3. Bugger :(

    At least you walked away but crap way to start the day!
  4. I know the corner well... could it have been the white pedestrian crossing lines you slid on?

    Bummer :( xxx rest up! hols
  5. Yeah possibly...Definitely learnt my lesson though, take it real easy on cold tyres and don't swerve around jay-walkers :)
  6. Damn pedestrians.... I hate them
    I have Carmageddon flashbacks everytime i see stupid peds.
  7. You probably made eye contact, or she thought you made eye contact. For whatever reason, that seems to be a signal to pedestrians that "ok, they've seen me, so if I run out, they will stop for me.", and they don't think about things like physics.
  8. Should of ploughed into the mole, see how she likes sliding down the street to
  9. biatch needs to DIAF !!! OK she cause an accident, but the inconsiderate fck could have at least stopped and asked you if you are OK.

    That said, good to hear you are ok and the bike is mostly ok.
  10. Haha yeah I'm ploughing straight into the next one!

    Cheers Deano, yeah cosmetic damage only. A bit of a bruised ego too :) Live and learn