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sweet bike gadget!! -video camera, complete for < $300

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by slyfox, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. was just on another bike forum :-w and spotted an awesome (well i think so) product, video camera with a difference, you plug a SD card straight into it so you don't have to have an $800 camera in a backpack attached by wires to your bullet cam.

    downside is it's a little large and resolution is hardly dvd quality, but camera and 1gb SD card imported to Australia looks like costing under $300. el cheapo brand you say? nope - oregon scientific.

    # TV cable for instant replay on the big screen and USB for easy uploads
    # Three resolutions at 15 fps: 640 x 480 (default), 320 x 240 or 160 x 120
    # SD card expansion – standard memory is 32MB
    # Operates with 4 AAA batteries, not included
    # Strap to a helmet, handle-bar, arm or leg

    i've been considering getting a camera after seeing the video where the girl in the US gets taken out by the white civic, the video evidence of him being at fault is worth its weight in gold.

    total price is going to be $255 delivered with 1gb SD memory, i think i'm sold.

    (1gb of memory gets you approx. 1hr. of footage at the highest resolution setting, it has a LCD screen and menu buttons so you can delete and ride on as you see fit, it's also rain/splash proof.)

  2. Seems people are catching onto this.

    I've ordered one as part of a group buy organised by 'adamsonline'

    Great little units.
  3. Ahh, nevermind :wink:
  4. Jump on google and search for some reviews......15 frames per second isn't really going to be all that great......when they get a 24fps or higher model and something to take more than 1GB I'll starting thinking about it.
  5. i wouldnt mind
    i would have to think about it though but is there like a way to get it better quality??
    just wondering.... what did um ratbag use to capture "minna slides her rear end"
  6. I have watched quite a few clips taken by riders, with this gadget, or with those twenty20 ones, and I came to the conclusion this is a cool idea but one that is still in the 'baking' stage - none of them had anything even approaching what I would call acceptable quality. Size of the picture is miniscule, pixellation massive, compression brutal... it will take a few more years for technology to catch up with the concept.
  7. That looks ok but the lens looks like its from a security camera.
    If I ever get back into track days I'll consider it.
  8. For the cheaper kit, yes. The more expensive one ($450) uses a bullet cam.
  9. What is a bullet cam?
  10. Umm. AKA lipstick cam? Like a lipstick barrel. They use it for like helmet cams and sticking on the side of cars and stuff.
  11. Love the idea but i agree, as was said above, you want min 2 hours at DVD/VHS quality in a bullet cam configuration, preferably wireless cam to recorder for $300 then i would buy one for sure.
  12. all depends on how much you're willing to pay/what quality/features you want etc.

    i have a very small vid of it in action http://media.putfile.com/ATC1000-Sample-Video here.

    the dude importing them in a group buy is taking it to a track day this saturday and will upload footage of his day so an idea of its quality can be seen.

    hmmm just had another look and while the commodore's rego plate is clear to see the vans rego goes out of focus rather quickly..
  13. I wonder why the movie isn't the rider travelling along at 100km/h?
  14. he had just purchased it and grabbed a sample clip for us to see (a crap one yes) :wink: as i said track footage will be up this week-end, i will post up a link of it.

    *edit: speeling
  15. look forward to it...never know it might be alright but other reviews have not been real happy with the 15fps.
  16. you can get a decent quality miniDV camcorder with aux inputs on it for $500 brand new these days. just attach an el-cheapo ebay security camera to the front of your bike and either run the cables back to your seat or use a wireless setup for the signal.

    i had a setup like this on my old bandit but havn't gone and done it on any bike since, i have the gear at home now tho so its only a matter of time before i get off my lazy arse and do it :LOL:
  17. I thought you had a good setup with your previous vid, are you just going to try this out?
  18. I do have a good setup, but the ease of use of this cylinder camera makes up for it (no cables, easy to move around on the bike), and I'm not really fond of the idea of crashing with a $1400 vid camera inside the bike.