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sweeris needs help

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by troy, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. hey guys and girls
    sweeris who is a fellow netrider is stuck at the intersection of lower dandenong road and nepien hwy melbourne
    his bike is not running think it could be a electrical fault
    if anyone that can help him can call him on

    0401 373 210

    he might need a tow as well ...

    thank guys
  2. Its fine now im home.

    Thanks anyways
  3. Good. What happened to your bike? Did any nr folks help you out? Full report please. A note from your mum will suffice.
  4. Mate what is the go with your bike ?? I got troys pm but it was a fair bit after he sent it as i was out. What was the problem..
  5. Wellm What had happened was that I was on a ride with another NR while I was at the lights going to turn right. I saw the indicator light flashing very dim and irregular(as I had it on to turn right). Then I kinda thought to myself "what about my high beam as I need it near my place. As soon as I hit the high beam switch everything cut out engine,lights. So I found a safe time to push my bike accross the hwy to check whats going on. I couldnt start it normally so I tried push starting it(without success, like it had no spark). All the lights went out already. So I parked my bike out of the way and went to grab something to eat.

    Came back the battery came to life again so tried push starting again and she started. Buh out of curiousity I hit the passing(high beam button again and eveything went out again same as when I turn on the indicator)
    I noticed that if the rpm is low ie. idling she would cut out if I use too much electricity. So I pushed start her again and then adjust the idle to be at 2000 insted of 1000. Then I took a gamble of heading home to bundoora from mentone.... I did make it home without the bike cutting out...

    I noticed a symptom from thurs(been riding everyday) that everytime I tried to start the bike the battery was getting flatter and flatter like it wasnt charged from the last trip I took on it.... So I kind of knew something was on. Until this morning, about to head to work key in(&on) then hit the starter button..........nothing........ Lights was still going. So I thought,,, damn,,, the battery isnt charged i'll take her in to get it looked at on mon... Then I pushed start her(to my surprised she started in one go cold with 2m run up). Everything else was normal(except when I start her I have to push start). Until I had the incident tonite....

    I think the rectrifier/altinator (i think it's the one to charge the battery while the engine is running) packed up. It might be that battery as well but it happened in a short time so I dont think its the battery. The battery was very good before this.

    One part where I cant work out is how is the use of electrics had to do with cutting out the engine? And if I dont have enough power I cant push start either...

    Thanks for the help troy...
  6. you need to have a decent voltage running through the coil as the amplification of the coil is generally linear (I.E - low voltage battery side, low spark. at idle, the coil is spinning so (relatively) slowly, that it can only really just/just not maintain the bike electrics - it draws current from the battery to maintain a functioning electrical system. hence, you place a decent load on the system (few amps), the spark goes "weak"

    Fast idle/ general riding, I'm sure you'll find that it doesn't stall, if so, the regulator is fcuked. the battery probably built up some residual charge to be able to start the bike, chemical reaction decreasing the "internal resistance" of the battery.