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sweeeet! going for my L's this 12th oct

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thecptn, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. :D Really, really excited, booked today and got the 12th and 13th Oct at the clyde one, the lady on the phone said to bring a thick jacket with you and the pants and boots, problem is I don't have any thick jackets, i was under the impression they would provide all gear.. :( is it worth I go buy a leather jacket now? even though I don't have my bike yet, I was thinking of the lines of rjays jacket and some draggins...for the learner course, than move up to full leathers latter on when money permits, wise choice?

  2. A denim or similar jacket would do on the day.

    But you're going to have buy a jacket eventually... So maybe you might as well.

    The training people will provide you with a helmet, gloves and a bike to ride (no, you can't take it home at the end of the day.)

    Good luck, cograts and welcome to motorcycling.

    You got any idea what sort of bike you want to get yet?
  3. Thanks Pete, Ill look into that, as for the bike, last week or so, its been a cb250, but now...my heart is after a virago 250, I just love naked bikes and cruisers, been going to many dealers and sitting on the bikes and asking them to start it up for me, you can tell they sales person aint happy that Im just perving on the bikes :LOL: but ill think ill go with the virago, I realy like that vtwin note. :)
  4. They provide helmets and some rather skanky gloves.

    You don't need the jacket/pants, but just means more safety for you. You are in a car park and at most doing 20 kph, so it ain't that dangerous.

    If you're definitely going to be riding after you do the L's then buy the gear before hand. If you are semi-thinking about it, and want to see how you enjoy the course, wait.
  5. You want Naked?

    You want V-Twin?

    Mate, there is only one:

    Honda Spada

    The only way to ride...

    EDIT: Kaer, you bugger, put that post in while i'm typing, now I can't ride... (and that's right coz my spada's broken... :( )
  6. Thanks Kaer for that, Pete, lol..I was just looking up spada's :LOL: before I came here...very sexy! :D Ill look into it for suuuuure...how ever I only have a current budget of 3K to spend on the bike.
  7. One piece of gear I would recommend buying before you do your L's is a pair of gloves.. The place were I did my L's just had plain leather gloves which appeared to be climbing gloves. When you put you hand inside they were all mushy and wet with 100's of other people's sweat. I ended up spending most of the 4hrs wondering what I was going to catch rather than learning to ride.

    Definate get some gloves.

  8. Thanks Twoup, funny that, had a dream this night where I went and bought a pair of motorcylce gloves. :shock: ill def do that.
  9. I had a series of dreams that i was riding around before i even had a bike. went for about 5 days strait haha.
  10. hahah that's realy cool, got the gloves and went and sat on some more bikes to get a feel of them, the first thing that came in my mind, is how the bloody hell am i gunna keep this thing balanced at 70ks :LOL: so..im kinda intimidated, mind you these where just 250's lol, I mean is this normal, being slightly intimidatated at first without even riding it haha?
  11. Oooh yeah, that's normal awrite. Then when you take it out and go 70kph, you'll wonder to yourself, "sheesh what WAS I thinking that time? This is easy peasy, look ma! I'm riding!!" ;)
  12. LoL with a capital L :LOL: thanks for that.
  13. A lot of people are nervous at first. After about 10 mins you will wounder what you were worried about!!! Most providers will have helmets, gloves and sometimes wet weather gear (as in PVC overclothes). The general rule of thumb is that you have exposed skin. For your own comfort and if you wish to continue riding then getting your own gear would be a good thing as I think someone else said, you will need to get it at some time. If you do a search on the forum there is heaps of information about various types and styles of jackets. A general rule of thumb is to get the best you can afford as when you are learning is the often the most crucial time you will need it. Not only to protect yourself from injury, but also the elements. To be warm and comfortable puts your mental faculties in a better position to not try out the injury prevention features of clothing :D

    Oh and another tip - make sure your read the motorcycle learners book (not just the test yourself questions, but the stuff in between). One of the biggest causes of disapointment is not passing the written test!!! I presume you are in Victoria? You can get a copy from newsagents or online. Let me know if you need a link.

    Good luck with your riding and enjoy

  14. Thanks Tones, ill keep that in file, im in nsw btw, so I dont know how they do it here or any where for that matter, tell me, do they allow you ample time practicing before the test its self? i realy am not worried if i fail, atm I only have a simple budget of 3k for now, I sat on the cb250 and found it rather stiff and a lil plain, the honda rebel felt quite light just by sitting on it, strangely the virago felt heavier, finding a bike last two weeks for around 2k or under is proving to a bit challenging, I found one virago for 1800 that ran and rode ok, well according to the add, it was at a bike wrecker, only thing it had no rego, I called em, it was sold, I found a few bikes for under 2k, but they where all had fairing, and i really don't like the whole fairing thing, my heart really is set on a virago for now, I found another for 3k with less than one month rego, is it remotely possible to find one for 2k or so? i don't wish to blow all my money on the bike and have nothing for the all important gear.

  15. It is always a choice that people wrestle with. This is just my opinion, and of course others may vary. Personally I would spend your money on gear first, then what is left over is for the bike. Or spend on your gear and then save a little longer for your bike. Good gear is more important now than later. I have seen it so often where people spend their budget on a bike and then wait to get appropriate or better gear. Good gear will make you more comfortable and so have more acute mental faculties. To my mind if you are not comfortable on the bike, then you wont get the best value outta it as you would not ride it as often as you would prehaps like.

    Just some thoughts.

    With regards to bike prices, and gear for that matter - you get what you pay for. Not always 100% true, but is a general rule.

  16. Thanks for the advice Tones, I dont mind too much for settling for some old cb250 for 1200 and fart about on my Ls, and spending the rest on gear, im in no rush at all with this.
  17. I woud definately go for some good gloves, just so you know, i came off on the second day of my L's training at abour 25mhr, hands hit first, not a scratch.

    ..Dont ask how i stacked....it was the bikes fault :oops:

    Good luck with it!

    Oh, and if you start buying gear now that you only sorta like but buy it because it cheaper, you will only be wishing you had some money for better gear in a month or so, my advice buy a leather jacket, good gloves, a COMFORTABLE helmet (mine gives me headaches...damn sneaky salesmen), draggins or leathers and some boots (i love my boots).

    But you do whatever you want.
  18. good luck for your course. Just listen and take your time and you will have no problems. As for jackets, i reckon a leather one is a good start and then later you can get different types to suit your needs.
  19. Your welcome. Many prefer to save for the second bike, others their first. If you get good gear and quality training then your well on your way. I wish you all the best :D :D :D
  20. Yes indeed, approach it with enthusiasm, and keep your ears open for lots of good advice! Best wishes!