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Sweat band around the brake fluid ... why?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fastkid, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. this is such a noob question I know but im going insane not knowing... you ready!!???

    Why do riders on sports bikes put a sweat band around the brake fluid??

    :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Thanks people :roll: pfffft n00bz :p
  2. I have no idea...

  3. Because it makes them go faster!

    Nah, i don't know, it could be because they like it?
  4. Derrr Silly. It's to keep the brake fluid cooler, so the bakes don't fade whilst they are doing their rossi thing in the backstreets. Makes them soooo much faster. :D Yeah, that must be it...
  5. bruz... youze duzz mean cooler like me yeah? like how i iz cooler than like you?
  6. I'm a sports bike rider and I have no idea. :?

    Actually i've never seen anyone do it. :?:
  7. Perhaps to prevent condensation forming... or sunlight deteriorating the plastic if it's parked outside often.

    I'll bet it's one of those things that a few people in extreme weather conditions have a good reason to do, but it just kinda catches on with other people who don't need to do it but want to anyway.
  8. I presume you mean the master cylinder on the right handle-bar? I have no idea because I've never seen it done.

    Perhaps it's a mating ritual???
  9. On my bike, the master cylinder is chromed and can be quite distracting when the sun is at the right (wrong) angle. I have at times covered it in gaff just to stop the glare. Could be the same thing...

    Or else they just Emo's... :p
  10. Where's Ksystemz when you need to ask him a question?
  11. Its Gotsta be just to stop UV's from Destroying the plastic master Cyl ??
  12. Some brake fluids are light sensitive, so it also helps to stop the brake fluid going off.
  13. Never seen it done, but maybe to stop condensation (ie. water) inside the plastic reservoir when the sun hits it???
    Just guessing...
  14. Ok gotcha guyz thanks! :grin:
  15. Maybe they're on their way to tennis.

    Not a lot of storage area on a sports bike :grin:
  16. Vic and Dave(yelloterra) have done it on their firestorms,
    I saw it on Daves bike last week and asked him what it was for, he shrugged and said....
    I'm not sure, Vic told me to do it, :LOL: I think it keeps the brake fluid cooler!
  17. I know that in jap cars, the drifters use it so it stops any spills (if any).. but on a bike I am not too sure.... :roll:
  18. I've never seen it before. I keep my hair ties there. :grin:
  19. Well I think it's because they sweat so much when riding hard :LOL:
    + it's looks better than seeing brake fluid.
  20. One of the UK bike mags (Fast Bikes?) is giving away a master cylinder sweatband with this month's issue.

    First I'd ever heard of it, now this thread. Must be the latest squid-tastic performance mod. :roll: