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Swarm Swarm Swarm!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by pmcdermo, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Coming into working this morning on my usual commute to North Sydney as I was coming off the Western distributor on to Harbour Bridge some twit in a red golf passes me on the inside and cuts into my lane without indicating (no surprise there). I saw it coming so held back and just gave a tooth of the horn and the appropriate hand signal.

    Not wanting to get into a road rage thing I decided to leave it at that........:angel:

    Little did I know there was a swarm of 2 wasps (Vespas) around who where not prepared to let it go and each in turn rode up beside the car and proceeded to abuse the hell out of the driver. By third spray of abuse (pillion on second Vespa) the driver was just nodding apologetically, no doubt feeling a bit sheepish. :moped:

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to the guys on the Vespas if they are on here. No doubt this guy will better remember his carelessness due to that experience than he would have done from just my toot of the horn.

    Good on ya Vespas =D> :biker:
  2. did it then give a big toothy grin? :p
  3. Looks like Vespa riders are the ones with big cajones

  4. And the blokes ones are almost as big. :)
  5. Vespa ATTACKKKK!!!!
  6. commute from inner west to st leonards each day and used to give agro back, but after a couple of people then TRYING to hit me just for blowing a horn in defence a second earlier and one getting my numberplate and threatening to shoot me ... i now just let it go.

    hope the vespa riders don't get put off and go soft :)


  7. That prophecy has come true, the Mayans were right!!!! :tantrum::tantrum::tantrum:

  8. No. PMT
  9. Powerful Manly Testosterone
  10. Thats ****in rad.
    Love you little vespa riding bastards whoever you are!

  11. It's no longer the horseman of the apocalypse.. It has been altered to fit with modern society.. It's now the Vespas of the Apocalypse!!! :eek:
  12. :LOL:

    ...and funnily enough I find that more disturbing a concept. Having Vespa riders carry out the wrath of God doesn't quite have the same street cred as horses. even more so if they're carrying pizza boxes.
  13. You could spend eternity being bitched slapped by an Armani man-bag.
  14. Can anyone answer me this...

    If you have a Parliament of owls, a Murder of crows, a Bouquet of pheasants, etc...

    What do you call a group of Vesper riders?

    A 'Latte' perhaps, or a 'Double Bay'? How about a 'Road Rash' (given the usual lack of ATGATT). Ummm - Perhaps a 'Buzzzz' or a 'Cram' (given how many you can cram into motorbike parking areas).

    Fun Ha!
  15. I like a 'Rash' of Vespas. Referring back to the OP then you could tell drivers not to do anything rash.

    Plus when i see Vespas I break out in a rash.
  16. I think rash works quite well :D
  17. A douche of vespas..

    Except for those irate ****ers.
  18. another vote for rash of vespas
  19. A smoke-cloud of Vespas