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Swapping back to the original exhaust... Staintune too loud

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bonkerrs, May 7, 2008.

  1. I know and totally agree with "loud pipes saves lifes". But the exhaust on my bike is ridiculously loud. I'm after some suggestions to either quieten it down or change back to the original.

    It is a Staintune pipe on a Suzuki (baby) Bandit. I don't have the original exhaust (bought the bike as is).

    Ideally, I would like to keep the tone of the Staintune cause it sounds good!! Is there a way to make it less loud? I've read things here about 'baffles' and things to insert or attach. Can someone please tell me a little more about these options?. What would costs be around if it is possible to make it quieter? I'm in Sydney metro.

    On the other hand, I am ready to put on the original exhaust if nothing else can be done. Anyone know the approx cost of doing this (in Syd)? Or if you've done something similar. I was thinking maybe to sell the Staintune pipe or swap it with an original one from the wreckers.

    If you have a 2000 model Suzuki GSF250V and would like to swap my Staintune pipe with an original Suzuki one... I'm open to any thoughts (PM me).

    Here is a picture to assist in your assesment of my dilemma:
  2. The baffles that go in the end of staintunes do SFA really. Whack the stocker back on and flog the staintune.
  3. Hmm, I would have to disagree with you there Loz, at least for Ducati Staintunes. I've listened to sound files of the Staintunes on a Multistrada with and without the baffles, and in that application they do cut down the overall volume quite a bit, without changing the tone too much.

    Bonkerrs, I assume that there are no baffles in your pipe? If there are, you should be able to see it from the back, and there should be a screw underneath the short outlet pipe holding the baffles in.

    If there are definitely no baffles, give Staintune a call (they are Australian) and ask for some replacement baffles. Shouldn't cost too much, and a damn sight cheaper than replacing the can. Worth trying before you spend big money.
  4. My bike is fairly loud. I just wear ear plugs and problem solved. Then traveling at higher speeds, its usually the wind noise that gets worse than the exhaust, so you are better off wearing earplugs anyway (avoid any permanent hearing damage).
  5. I certainly agre with Roderick; Staintune should be able to supply you with a set of baffles for the pipe. It never ceases to amaze me the idiots (not you, you bought it as is) who think that a straight-through exhaust sounds good; not only does it NOT sound good, it is not good for the engine as there needs to be a certain amount of back-pressure in the pipe.
  6. This is my thoughts too. There's comfortable loud and there's stupid loud (my bike). Probably thinking 'why did I buy it', it really didn't occur to me about the noise when I bought it. I was very sold on the idea of loud pipes saves lifes, it was only after riding it for awhile that I realised how annoying this is. :oops: It sounds good (the tone of it) but when you dial the throttle, it starts to sound a little like a lawn mower on roids (maybe not that bad). :p

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  7. Staintune does not make removable baffles for carbon cans, as they cause overheating & reduced life span. Only their stainless steel cans have the removable baffle (and not all models either).
  8. Just called BikeBiz. They said they have a baffle for $35 and it fits all Staintune pipes.

    azi. where did you hear about 'no removable baffles for carbon cans'? umm... is mine a carbon can (by the picture)? :oops:
  9. Staintune used to make the carbon cans (you've got one on your bike) when they were in fashion several years ago. Their website FAQ stated that their carbon fibre cans were unsuitable for removable baffles - they used fibreglass packing instead of the steel wool of the current stainless steel cans.

    I suggest you contact Staintune for more information - they have excellent after sales service and always reply to my emails.



    (Carbon Fiber Skin, Absorption style Baffle, Fiber Glass Packed)

    Competition use only! These are a High Quality Light Weight Muffler with high Temp Carbon Fiber Barrels or Skins .Carbon Fiber Mufflers do not come with removable restrictors for this would over heat the out side casing and drastically shorten the life of the Carbon Fiber skin."

  10. I guess I have heard that about carbon cans, but it would only apply if the baffles are metal, which the Staintune OEM ones are.

    Perhaps BikeBiz has non-metal ones that are safe in a carbon can? Worth checking out. Otherwise, it's back to finding someone to swap with.
  11. Well, the answer to my problem is to swap to the original. I sent some pics to Staintune - because it is a carbon pipe it cannot fit a restrictor, it will generate too much heat and cause the muffler to burn... what some of you guys said.

    Anyone for a swap?! :p
  12. surely it cant be that loud mate? :? i have a yoshi trc carbon with the baffle removed and it doesnt bother me at all..maybe get some earplugs or something..???
  13. Hey,
    I am perhaps looking for a new exhaust for my bike as mine is scratched. Unfortunately i dont have any original exhaust to do a swap with, but i could possibly buy yours?

    Theres currently a standard rear muffler for sale on ebay too, if thats any help!
  14. It looks heaps better now then when I took that picture. That was taken when I first got the bike, I've now spent some time polishing and cleaning.

    PM me if you are really interested.
  15. I think you made the right choice.

  16. Why do you think that?
  17. ditto smee.

    Who would do a service where you get the dB of the exhaust (Syd)... cost?