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Swap my 2003 954 for a 2008 CRF450x?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by worked954, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Hey as I said a guy offered me an 08crf450x 3800 ks looks like new what I'm worried bout is how many ks do these bikes do before rebuild from what I can gather they do more than the r model and how easy is it to get after market long range tank as standard only 7.5 l I have read the xmodel has a wider ratio gearing and if I put along range tank on can get up to 370 ks and also want to know if a rack and bag are available so as to set it up for a long road trip camping and general long distance rides let me know

  2. I wouldn't touch a crf , the guy who owns the local bike shop loves them. I have never been in there and not seen at least 3 of them lined up for engine rebuilds. Some of them are only a few years old. Very rarely see a ktm in there.
  3. That's not a road bike. You will break it riding on the road.

    It won't have cush drive so you'll probably have gear box problems.

    Anything can be done if you want to put up with cost and lack of comfort but if you are asking these questions you don't want to.

    Find a proper adventure bike like the dr650 the klr or the wee Strom
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