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Swann Insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Drew, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. How exactly do i get a quote from Swann for my bike??

    Found their number after a some trial and error with webpages only to be told they "Only work through registered agents. Thankyou. Click"

    kinda annoyed me.

    I beleive that bike dealer can usually get swan quotes...but are they really going to be interested if i didn't buy a bike from them?

    I've got a quote from QBE.. just want to see if Swann are close to the mark. everything else so far is more expensive for less insurance

  2. I got a policy with Swann from the dealer where I bought my bike, they were cheaper than any other quote I received. I'm sure a dealership would be happy to give you a quote, they'd get a commission if you bought the policy and they'd have the chance to get you into their shop for a while.
  3. Thanks... so i guess i need to find a dealer who sells swann insurance then :)
  4. oops, missed what you said, if that's the same number you tried then I guess you have to use an agent? Gotta fly, off to physio! (I skip too much reading when in a rush,, like now!)
  5. Thanks mate but thats the number i called and got told they don't do quotes to the public....ONLY through a dealer...then hung up before helping me locate one.

    Guess i'll just ring a few dealers and see what happens
  6. The Kawasaki/Honda dealer in Bendigo used to be an agent for Swann insurance Drew.

    Name... ummm.... I'm having a brain fade moment :oops:

    I should know, I only used to get my ZRX1200R serviced there...
  7. Don't go with Swann. I had an accident and made a claim back in 2001. They gave me the run around something chronic before they paid out. I can't speak lowly enough of this company. A mate of mine got a shunt at the lights back in 2003 and Swan only paid out once he got his lawyer involved. Swann may have changed now, I don't know, but with other insurance companies out there why take the risk?

    Have you rung GIO?
  8. found some dealrs that are swann Agents... so have placed a call.

    yeah called GIO, they don't offer a few things i'm keen on.

    so far QBE is my winning bidder :) the cover for my gear etc is good to have and the price is good. I wont go into AAMI other than to say "tell 'im he's dreaming"
    Current insurer is just asking too much for the bike i have not as bad as AAMI though....it's only a li'l 250 SPADA guys :LOL:
  9. I have two cars and our home & contents with AAMI, but was told point blank that they don't insure Ducatis. The lass on the phone couldn't give me any reason for it.
  10. If you want a Swann Quote call me

    and give you Netrider Discount
  11. The wanted almost 500 to insure the SPADA...i'd HATE to see a quote for a Duc. :shock: :shock:
  12. Swanns qoute Valued at $4000 is between $210 and $356 depends on your rating, but i need to provide a valuation ad the bike over 15 years old
  13. We have recently had an insurance claim through Swann and they couldnt do enough for us
    repairs done quickly with very little hassle

  14. Swann is only done through dealers.. You cant go direct to Swann..
  15. Just had a quote from my dealer who only deals with Swann.

    Category 3 bike (GSF1200 Suzy) rating 1, old fart (39) $391.

    Beats $600+ elsewhere.

    My deceased bike was category 0 (slow) and was $380 with another insurer.

    Go Swann and be mates with your dealer.

    My dealer is K&J Thomas in Whittlesea. Never had such quality customer service.
  16. had an accident on the old 100cc scooter, was fully insured with Swann and they charged me $500 for being on my Ls, $300 for being under 25, $300 for something else then they buggered me around for months and months and after about 6 months they finally fixed my scooter.

    so all up I paid about the same for insurance as I did for my scooter.
  17. :lastweek:
  18. price around I saved $100 on my Triumph Sprint by going with Shannons rather then Swann and that was after I talked the Swann dealer down $50 from the original quote
  19. Looks like Drew didnt know that, so i was pointing him the right direction.. :roll: