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swann insurance?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MattiasL, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. I am collecting my Motorcycle tomorrow=D>=D> and have done some research regarding insurance and saw this company on a TV ad yesterday, are they any good?
    Swann insurance are a lot cheaper than the other companies I have got quotes from.

  2. There pretty good. Sometimes you will get better rates from dealers reselling Swann then from Swann direct
  3. Insured my first bike with them
    Cheap and great service
    I recommend
  4. yeah I got full comp for my first bike with them, about 400 cheaper than the nearest.
  5. they paid up when I trashed my beemer, have re insured with them without a second thought!!
  6. I'm going through a incident with them at the moment where the other driver was at fault. Has been an easy process so far. Will be getting a full payout with no at fault marked against me and all my gear covered.
  7. Same here Kanga, except they don't seem to want to pay out on the gear at this stage.
  8. Swan will cover you if you ride 365 days a year where a lot of other insurers won't even look at you.
  9. if you have a house and or car insured with someone else check with them. I get multi policy discounts with RACV and pay much less for the bike than I would with Swann.
  10. Thanks guys!

    I will go with Swann.
  11. Yeah, got a great rate with Swan through the dealer. I even enquired direct through Swan and it wasn't as cheap.
  12. Swann insurance on my BMW R100RS was less than a third quoted by NRMA : even though I have car comprehensive and CTP for car and bike and membership (car ) with NRMA. Guess who got my bike insurance business?
  13. While a multi policy discount is s good thing you need to compare the policies pds's.
  14. Where can I find these dealers?
  15. I did some checking around before I picked up my new (first) bike and was going to go with 3rd party because the mainstream insurers were ridiculously priced. I picked the bike up from bikebiz and the guy there got me a quote at the time when I told him about NRMA/GIO/etc. As others have said Swann were way more reasonable so I got the comprehensive after all. I have even had a claim that was a no fault near write-off (about 60% bike value) and there were no dramas with the insurance, bike repaired with all new factory parts (it was before the first service so they made it as new again). They even offer a tyre insurance which I didn't go with but if you think you are going to run over nails often it would be a good idea.

    disclaimer : I have no affiliation with Swann other than being a satisfied customer
  16. Peter Stevensons is a good start. go straight to the finance guy/girl

    I got mine via
    Trikorp Financial Services
    PM for the details as I only have a mobile number for them. They will do it all over the phone.
  17. I insured my first bike through TeamMoto with Swann. I did it because of convenience. I later learned it was also cheaper.
  18. Both my bikes have been insured through Swann, at a rate a lot cheaper than other insurance companies. I did however purchase the insurance through Peter Stevens who have a deal with Swann.

    When I went to insure the Fireblade I rang Swann and was quoted around $3500, called Peter Stevens later that day and got the same deal through Swann (plus tyre and rim insurance) for just over $2000. Yes that's a hell of a lot, but not when you take into consideration I am an <25 male on a 1000cc bike.
  19. Thanks guys, I went with Swann insurance.