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Swann Insurance

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by jlyon9, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Thought I would give a review of Swann Insurance seeing as I am almost at the end of a claim with them, and I will be most likely going with QBE for the next bike.

    First, the background. I haven't announced it on netrider, cause I felt no need to vent - it was just a thing that happened. Two sundays ago, 6/3, I was queing up to jump onto the ICB on milton road (for those in brisbane). There was a Ford Territory in front of me, some space, then a line of traffic a little ahead of him. He accelerated quickly, then slammed on the anchors. I had pretty well anticipated it so came to a stop behind him. The car behind me obviously had not and impacted me, the force pushing me into the car in front. He was very apologetic and helpful, got all details of all involved, dropped the bike at a friends around the corner, and submitted my claim to swann online.

    Tuesday morning, they call to verify some details. The bloke on the phone sounds like he knows what he is doing, doesnt stuff around and waives my excess in a minute after i provide details of the driver who hit me. He says someone will call in the next 2 days.

    Wednesday, I get a call from the assessor, who is on his way to look at my bike. He takes one look and declares it a total write-off. Things are going well at least time-wise. He says he will submit his report to Swann that evening.

    Thursday, the tow truck calls to pick up the wreck, all good.

    Monday, I do not hear back from Swann and so mid day, decide to call them. The bloke says my case has been forwarded to the total loss department, and I should expect a call that night, or try calling back same time tomorrow.

    I also arrive home to find a letter from Swann detailing that I am liable for a $1200 excess due to my undeclared aftermarket accessories (changed the gearing and forgot to tell them...whoops..). But I wasnt at fault? and the guy said my excess was waived?

    Tuesday, I call at 3pm, after not hearing back all day. Sorry, my case has just been sent to the total loss department and they havent had a chance to review it yet.. expect a call back.. oh yeah, you werent at fault, let me waive your excess.

    Wednesday, 4:30pm, call them, sorry, the total loss department manager has asked that I specifically tell you to expect a call back either tonight or tomorrow about your case.

    Thursday (today). I get a call around 12 to say they need to confirm the finance on my bike is unsecured so they can release funds to me and not to the financing company (my bank). I call my bank and they take 5 minutes, then confirm they have faxed through the documents I have requested. I call swann at 4pm and they havent received my documents.....

    At this stage, I am confident I will receive my money. However there are several things I want to make people aware of (especially first time insurers or those who have never had an accident).

    1. The agreed value of your bike INCLUDES any listed aftermarket accessories. (Maybe i'm stupid but I didnt know...they really make it ambiguous when you write the accessories down...i really thought if i declared the value then that would be covered...i was wrong.)

    2. They were going to charge me over $1k for not listing modifications. Make sure you let them know of any changes 'cause if youre at fault and they find out you will be raped (ahem).

    3. Swann were impressively quick off the mark but are struggling to make the finish line. Another point to note is that I asked if I could buy back the wreck (the bike is 100% rideable with the application of a $500 ebay fairing kit and new headlights). They said they will note this and I have to get special approval from the manager, but that yes it was an option. I NEVER heard back from them about this, and although I have since changed my mind about buying back the wreck, they never got back to me about it and when asked they said it was no longer an option. (probably after the tow truck picked up my bike).

    Lesson learned:
    I am looking at a used '08 blade. They are going for between 11-14. Whatever I pay, I will be insuring it for $15,000 agreed. Not a cent less.

    Also, if it had not been for the generosity of a friend who I am teaching to ride, of donating me her learner bike (CBR125R...YYYEEESSSS...) for the WHOLE time, I would be catching the bus...and subsequently slitting my wrists...my bike was my only form of transport and for them to take this long to get their...isht together...well, sucks.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, I received a letter today which detailed that a new excess will be applicable to me since I lost my license in the last 5 years, of $1000 should I have an accident. It asked me to decide whether or not I would accept this or to cancel my policy. Clearly they havent been informed my policy is about a day away from being terminated. Fun times :)
  2. sorry, i don't understand??

    why would you switch to QBE if they've gotten things done quickly!?

    it's clearly stated in ALL documents with ALL insurance companies to list all aftermarket products etc, and if you don't declare it you'll have to pay the excess.

    i don't understand why you'd change to another company that would do the exact same thing??

    swann don't sound like bad guys here?
  3. And I just bought my insurance with Swann yesterday... Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Theyre not bad guys. I'd just prefer a quicker turn around. I've heard of payouts within a week, and I'm not at fault, the driver who hit me admitted in the first day. I just feel like for a not at fault claim two weeks is far too long to pay out.
  5. haha no shit mate.

    Some modifications affect their assessment of risk, it also means you have been paying less premiums than you should have to fully insure that bike.

    So expect to be raped, by any insurance company, especially if you are found to be 'at fault' and paying insurance based on an un-modified bike.
  6. I was with swann and had a straightforward write off in mid Jan. Took about a month to sort out, was told they were swamped with the qld flooding write offs. Happy to go back with them again
  7. nothing but praise for Swann here - been with them only 1 year and 1 not-at-fault claim , not even an impact ( i avoided an accident , fell on side ) and they still paid me out to the tune of $4200 for replacement parts !. Hasnt affected my premium etc.Mind you , i tell them straight away about any parts I want incl. with the bikes value and provided receipts etc. The fine print IS there in the PDS included when you join up.
    Anyway Id likely go with them again
  8. Have you had a renewal since claiming?

    To the OP, if they were selling for 11-14k, why would yours be worth 15k?
  9. If you do make sure you get a agreed value, forgot to do that on my now written of Hyo.

    Apparently it's worth $1500...

    **** QBE
  10. Did you argue it?
  11. Still am haven't finished yet...
  12. They have 100000 claims to process from recent floods, yet you still expect them to give you money within a week............
    Maybe you should be appreciative that it was done as quick as it was in the first place.
  13. Because of all the extras I will be putting on.
    And some are still going for 15k+

    I'm not trying to insure it for more than i paid in the hopes of having an accident, but the last bike I had was definately worth more than 7k to ME..but if I was to sell it thats all i wouldve got.

    I've already done several quotes for an 08 blade and all of them have the option of 15k agreed so I don't see why not.

    I figure, with all the time we put into our bikes, the premium oil we pay $80+ for and all the care we put into them, if something happens I dont wanna feel like i majorly lost out like i did this time (nothing to do with swann in this comment btw).

    Guide from redbook:
  14. Okay, remember that you can't really just plonk the cost of extras straight on top of the price you paid for the bike.

    The oil, fancy tyres, chains, chain lube etc are all regarded as consumables and won't really affect the value of your bike.

    If you can get 15k though, more power to you! Just watch out, some insurers might not put an agreed value on the bike higher than what you paid for it.
  15. Swann has been good to me. Will be paying out for repairs and no excess fees as not at fault. The policy does say that if you modify your bike that you need to let them know. I didn't do that with my previous bike but I never made a claim. Obviously I had left myself wide open to be denied a payout if I made a claim as I had numerous aftermarket add ons. Will make sure I let them know if I make the slightest change to stay insured.
    jlyon9 you've copped it tough but I am sure many will learn from your innocent mistake.
  16. Thanks mate. That was the whole point. Like I said, *theyre not bad guys*. Although I may have been venting a bit in my first post, I admit my own lack of experience is a lot to blame. I wanted to share it with others who haven't been through it before (and there are plenty on here) so they don't get a nasty surprise like I did when the unthinkable happens (I havent had an at-fault accident since I started driving when I was 17, I'm now 26, and I've been rammed up the back once when I was 18...a long time ago).
  17. Just to answer you , yes. I pay by the month - was $56 per month during the claim and as of 3 months ago ( yearly renewal) my monthly went to $50 pm. At a guess they retrieved all funds including legal thru the opposite party.
  18. Big tip to get rid of one of the excesses at Swann.

    These are the main 3 excesses applied:
    You have the standard excess of $400
    I have the age excess of $300 (under 25) - not payable if stolen.
    I have the license excess of $300 (Leaners and probationary) - not payable if stolen. If you do an accredited rider training course after you get your P's and if it was 6 hrs or more then they will not apply this excess to you. It's worth doing the course because of this... save $300 instantly and the course might not even cost that much.

    There's also 3 other excesses:
    Special excess (based on your history).
    Undisclosed rider - $500 in addition to all others if the person riding it was under 25
    Theft - $250 (not if it was from a securely locked building).

    If any of you have Swann (can't say for others insurers, I'd imagine it would be similar?) and have got one of those fliers from VicPol for the Rider Survivor course that would get rid of that excess :)

    By the way, my bike is insured through Swann and I specifically asked for agreed value. I knew resale was crap on Hyo's (as evidenced by stigger :() and market value just doesn't cut it. Brother's car had the same story, didn't get much back for it after 3 years (and to think that with 2 years they still replace it with a brand new one :-O).
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  19. my guess is that it's the whole parts fiasco that's making it take so long. When I threw mine down the street they had a replacement waiting to be picked up in 13 days.

    I'll admit that come renewal time there was a huge dick up with the rego, apparently the RTA was asking for a greenslip on the old bike because they hadn't been notified it was a write off or something, but they did fix that up quick smart. Also got rim/tyre cover at the time of sale which was meant for 3 years with the original bike. Had a puncture on the new bike and they hadn't transferred the policy over yet, but they still approved the job before they fixed it all up.

    0 complaints here.
  20. Haven't put any claims thru as yet but my story with Swann so far.

    Learner rider, over 25, no previous riding, claims or accident history. Full comprehensive was quoted $1200 went with 3rd party fire & theft for $400.

    Fast forward a year history as above except now have probationary license. Told swann of all the mods I did and came to an agreement on an agreed value figure including these. Spoke to them at the motorcycle expo told them I want to switch to full comprehensive got a quote for $550 with $400 excess. Called up quoted the quote number and started full comp. So far so good, le's see what the future holds.