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VIC Swann Insurance - My Experience

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Fitty, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I contacted Swann to see whether any of the following would affect my comprehensive insurance by changing premiums/voiding insurance totally:

    • Oggy-knobs;
    • Clip-ons;
    • Inverting stock handlebars;
    • Bar-ends;
    • Removal of radiator shroud;
    • Fitting of a fender-eliminator;
    • Aftermarket exhaust;
    • Aftermarket exhaust offered as a factory option; and
    • Changing the stock brake master cylinder to the stock brake master cylinder of the Triumph Daytona 675 or aftermarket equivalent.

    The (very quick) reply I received was:
    In response to my questions about training courses reducing my premiums, they said:
    I also asked them to define what 'unsafe' means with respect to their clause that an 'unsafe' bike won't be covered - no response as to that though. If anyone's interested, I'll update when they get back to my follow up email.
  2. Just wanted to share a terrible experience with Swann Insurance.

    I got home from an overnight training course in May 2012 to find my motor scooter gone from outside the house. My Swann insurance policy had just been renewed the day before (3 May 2012), two days late.

    Swann put me through a full investigation including a 3 hour face to face interview by an investigator which was so aggressive it left me in tears. I was required to provide a lot of personal information the relevance of which the investigator would/could not explain, including my own personal salary, my partner's salary, all details of my mortgage and credit cards and my current bank balance. All this for a claim worth less than $2,000.

    I was required to state from memory what my bank balance was, was refused an opportunity to look up the correct amount online there and then, and questioned with some force about why I would not know this detail off the top of my head. I was then required to "estimate" what my balance was, and my answer was added as a matter of record to the written statement being prepared at the meeting.

    I was also required to provide a criminal history check and driver history for myself, all of which took time and delayed the settlement of the claim further.

    I was required to provide all home and mobile (work and personal) phone records to prove that I made the calls on the times and dates I claimed I did.

    Three independent witnesses were required to confirm my attendance that week at the training course: my line manager, a colleague who also attended and the course instructor.

    I was asked to state for the record precisely how much alcohol I had consumed in the 24 hours before reporting the theft.

    I was questioned as to precisely how I had obtained my original insurance with Swann four years ago (I have been insured with them from the start) and questioned with some rigour as to why I could not recall in detail whether I had done so by phone or internet, or the name of the business manager who had dealt with me at the time.

    I was asked to state formally in writing that I had no involvement in the theft of my own vehicle.

    When I asked what the relevance of some of these details, I was advised that if I “did not cooperate” with the investigation and continued to ask these questions, my investigation would take much longer.

    A six page report was typed up by the investigator in the course of the meeting, each page needing to be signed and dated by me, and then I was refused a copy. I was not provided with a copy of this statement until the claim was settled, which they did in the end after a month.

    When I went to buy a new scooter, obviously I shopped around for a new insurance company and got an annual premiun that was 20% less than my annual premium with Swann - and this was with a total loss claim on my books. So it turned out they were not even that good value.

    Swann is owned by IAG. I will never do business with either of these companies again.
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  3. I had nearly the exact thing happen to me, they made me feel like a criminal and then refused to pay up after years of loyalty now I feel like I have been robbed twice
    Would not recommend Swann to an enemy
  4. Holey thread revival.

    swannarearseholes how about you take yourself over to the intro thread and introduce yourself.
  5. I'm with Swann at the moment. Now I'm considering my options. If anybody from Swann bothers to read these posts, I hope they recognise what damage they do to their own credibility.
  6. Hmmm.... I'm with Swann also
  7. Umm, you should probably note that maireaddoyle joined the same day day she made this post and hasn't been seen since. Also both swannarearseholes posts have been bitching about Swann.

    Make of that what you will.

    My issue with Swann (yes I was insured with them) was as much a problem with their assessor and the dealer as it was with Swann.
  8. Oh wow...Im going through a claim ATM with Swan and now I'm stressing..
    So far everything has been smooth sailing, got the call from the accessor today saying my bike is a total loss and that Swann will be in touch with me next week.
    Also going to claim my riding gear. Im hoping I have no issues. I will post and let everyone know how my claim goes through.
  9. Me three.

    I think a complaint to the Insurance Council http://www.insurancecouncil.com.au/ is in order.

    I got similarly grilled, minus the bank stuff, for a crash I was involved in in the late 90's, for TAC payout purposes. Was a bloody confronting process.
  10. Standard process in many cases, you're not special.
  11. White anting, you think?
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    double post
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    triple post
  14. When I threw my Hyo down the road I was with Swan never again.

    Ripped me off something chronic.
  15. Swann paid out on my bike without any questions. Mind you it was run over on the freeway and police were called. The driver admitted full responsibility which probably helped.
  16. What is white anting
  17. How were you ripped off mate?
    Just going through the process ATM, so far seems all good for me but should be receiving a call from there total loss department next week to discuss the payment ect just curious to know what I'm up for in being bent over
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  19. Probably my fault for not getting agreed value, but the offer was $1500 for my bike because it was "poorly maintained" ie dirty...

    Unfortunately I needed what ever I could to get a car so I could work...
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  20. I'm reckon there would be similar stories about all Insurers.

    They don't get rich by writing cheques