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Swann insurance hypocrites

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by movin, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. http://www.swanninsurance.com/contact_us.html

    An insurance company who's own main front page,has a picture of a rider, riding without gloves [-X
    I know this seems to be more popular in Sydney to ride without gloves,but you fall of once,you will know about it. :?
  2. that's nothing, did you see the angle that bike is overtaking that car on?
  3. Its not really up to an insurance company to promote anything.

    They are a business. They are not here as some sort of community service. Is anyone honestly going to think or act any differently because of a photo from an insurance company?
  4. Go for a ride mate, you're obviously bored!
  5. but if they promote safer riding then accidents will go down, premiums will be able to fall and they can thereby get a bigger market share...
  6. me smells the beginning of a squid thread :p
  7. Well while we're bagging Swann - I'm still waiting for my cheque promised two weeks ago :mad:
  8. Swann can kiss my hairy arse.

  9. Good god! that man is riding with out gloves! hide! the motorcycling safety gods shall smite us!
  10. Sigh....[ holds bridge of nose and shakes head ]

    No gloves ... the angle of the bike ... surely there are more interesting topics.

    And while i'm here .... who carded my bike along the main entrance to the bike show ?

  11. Anyone else get the Western QBE christmas card? seems our policy has been updated for free to cover all manner of extra riding gear and some other cool benefits that bring them more in line with what you would expect from a motorcycle specialist...

  12. actually I was talking the piss when I mentioned the angle of the bike
    I thought the first post was a joke
  13. Maybe there is some logic here - from an insurance companies point of view. If you ride without golves, you know if is going to hurt if you come off, so you will ride more slowly and carefully!
  14. Swann is the worst insurance company I've ever been with, as soon as my bike is repaired I will be cancelling my policy and going with anyone else.

    I paid about 600 odd dollars for 12 months insurance, it took them 4 months to completely fix my bike, only for it to break down three times a few weeks after getting it back from the shop.

    now it's in again for more repair work that I have to pay for myself because the arseholes didn't fix it properly the first time.

    thanks to Swann and Action MC, arseholes!

    I will never do business with either ever again.
  15. Where does Action MC come into it?
  16. Some 6 weeks ago? Would have been Vic or I :)
  17. Yep, I got that. Rather chuffed I was. :grin:

    As for the OP, I don't get it. :? Why is it hypocritical to have a picture of someone riding without gloves? Does their site state somewhere that riding without gloves is against their company policy or that riders should not do it? You've got me lost mate, sorry. :?
  18. .........
  19. the poor repair work that had to be fixed four times in a month. one time I rode it out of the shop 50 meters only for it to break down straight away again.