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Swann Insurance - excellent customer service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Credit where credit is due. We all hear about when insurance companies are a pain in the arse, so I thought I'd share my recent experience with Swann.

    After reading a thread on here where somebody found that they weren't covered on a track day, I thought I should check with Swann about whether I'd be covered if I do the HART Advanced II course up at Broadford. I'd heard conflicting reports about different insurance companies, and I'm not keen on finding out the hard way that I'm not covered.

    So I went to the Swann website and looked at their product information. I couldn't see anything specific about training courses on racetracks, so I went to the 'Contact Us' page where they have a web form that lets you send them a message. My experience with this kind of form has not usually been good, so I was not optimistic as I typed in my query and sent it off. This would have been close to 6pm, and not long afterwards I decided it was time to call it quits for the day and head home.

    Imagine my surprise when I climbed off the bike in our garage and found a missed call on my mobile. Somebody from Swann had phoned to explain that, yes, I was covered doing the HART course. In fact, any supervised training course with a certificate at the end is covered.

    I was impressed, not only with the fact that Swann appreciate that training courses decrease your risk of having an accident - even though they may mean that you ride harder than you normally would on the road. But I was even more impressed with the fact that somebody got my query and bothered to call and explain it to me and 6:45 on a weeknight.

    Well done Swann. (But I still hope I never have to test their customer service when it comes to making a claim!)
  2. Good to hear positive feedback on insurance companies for a change.
  3. I would ask for it in writing tbh. the views vary depending on which 'consultant' you speak to. Last time I call them and asked a similar question the person I spoke to said that any activity on a 'track' isn't covered. So, once again, get it in writing or get a call reference number if they have.

    And yes, Swann insurance are awesome, they did a great job on my last claim :)
  4. The Product Disclosure Statement is on the website too.

    We may refuse or reduce a claim...if at the time of an incident....your motorcycle:

    - was being used or tested in preparation for any motor sports or used on any motorcycle track. This does not apply where you are participating in an approved rider training course provided:
    - - the rider training course is conducted by an established business, and
    - - the business conducting the rider training course is accredited or approved by the relevant State or Territory authority, and
    - - the rider training course is conducted on private property, which is used solely for the purpose of rider instruction
  5. That's good to hear that they are helpful! I wonder if their claims department is as helpful? I just signed up with them, as they by far had the best deal for me (lower premium and much lower total excess for an inexperienced rider). I hope I never have to find out how good their claims department is though!
  6. You've done better than I've done after contacting them a few times. I couldn't get a straight answer from them.
  7. Thats not necessarily inconsistent.

    "Track" would normally mean the Island / racedays.
    A HART course is not race training and not on a "track".

    I agree though get it in writing.
  8. The HART Advanced 2 course is at Broadford which is a race track. It is not solely used for the purpose of rider instruction. I couldn't get them to clarify whether if it was used solely for training on the day I planned to attend I would be covered. The consultants just talked about accredited providers and seemed unaware of the PDS.
  9. You know with the popularity of track days etc you'd think there'd be insurance companies jumping at the opportunity to make some $$$.

    It's a matter of calculating what the required premium would be for a track day taking into account the probability of accidents etc. you know, the stuff that actuaries work out.

    Personally I'd be prepared to pay a few hundred for the day if it would cover me, or even just take a higher excess.

    Maybe I should start on my own insurance company ;)
  10. A big thumbs up from me as well(y)
    I put a claim in 2 weeks ago and yesterday I had a message on my mobile from Swann wanting me to ring them as my claim was ready to be settled.
    The only thing you have to be careful of with Swann is if you sign up over the net there is no option to include your helmet in the cover.
    My helmet wasn't included as I didn't have it as an optional extra but when I checked you're not given an option to include it. The policy will cover you for damage to protective clothing but a helmet isn't clothing so ring them to make sure you have the helmet included..

    Silly me there actually is an option to include the helmet.
    You get the option when you go to purchase the plan but be aware that'll increase the premium by roughly $30.
  11. We signed up for swann at the dealership. Went for a slide about 6 weeks ago. Filled out an online claim the next morning. Got a ring in the arvo saying we were up for $1000 excess ($400 basic, $400 age, $200 learner) and would get our choice of repairer. That was a monday. Couldn't give them the bike til the thursday, someone came to get it at around 8am. The next monday we were told it was a write off and would have to wait for them to source a new one.

    New bike was ready within a fortnight of binning the first. Because I wasn't in kevlar jeans during the crash, the shop couldn't quote all my clothing (only jacket and gloves were damaged, but they were keen on giving me a new lid too), so swann told us they'd cover the cost of a new pair. Faxed a receipt for new levis over and got a cheque for the gear in the mail 2 days later (their PDS states they won't cover clothing not explicitly designed for riding so this was a bit of a shock). Didn't have to have a police report for the claim. The only question they asked us was which colour we wanted the bike.