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Swan resigns!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. it's official
    Swan resigns

  2. Its a shame O'Loughlins retiring. By far my favorite swannies player.

    Good on em 4 playing as long as he did tho!!!

    For a second I thought you meant wayne swan resigned :shock:
    I fell 4 it too lol
  3. lol good 1 smee
  4. Dammit smee, I actually worked up a modicum of interest when reading that title...
  5. who really cares? :p
    1. He plays AFL, so noone in Sydney cares.
    2. He plays for sydney, so noone anywhere cares.
  6. Hey wait up afl is a good sport(no matter what the alternative names for the sport maybe), even if we are in sydney lol
  7. Can't believe I clicked.

    Ya fooled me :p
  8. I'm sure it has its merits. The Vic's seem to think so anyway. I honestly cant watch more than 5 min before seeing what else is on.

    Having said that, my favourite AFL moment was Hall getting knocked out, and then penalised for holding the ball while he was knocked out.
  9. Nice work that got me too :LOL: , and yes nobody in sydney cares, retire the whole swans if someone wants em
  10. Fooled too. I thought it was too good to be true when i noticed the the thread was posted at 1am. Usually news breaks earlier or later than the middle of the night. But i clicked anyway!!
  11. how disappointment
  12. bah... got me too

    Well its about time, he is in the wrong sport anyway.
  13. Who's gonna take over their insurance customers? :?
  14. I heard the story on the radio so knew which Swan you meant!

    Good riddance too. fcuking thug.
  15. Nah, I wasn't fooled, he's not going to quit while the boss is overseas; if he gets killed in a plane crash, he'd need to be ready to jump his seat :LOL:.
  16. Anyone actually read the original post date?
  17. Haha - man, are we on the ball or what!