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Swallow tyres?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Mad_Maca27, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. #1 Mad_Maca27, Jun 5, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2013
    Okay, so my Daelim VJF250 comes off the floor with these tyres:

    Swallow - 140/60 on 17 (rear) & 110/70 on 17 (front)

    Finding it hard to find any info on these tyres, even on google, so wondering if anyone else has had experience with them... If so what sort of millage can i expect (aprox)...

    Bein new to this world i'm not familliar with the bike tyres as much,. now i'm not expecting a korean import to come with top end tyres and it is only a 250... but should i look at just upgrading tyres anyway?

    This bike is a everyday commuter along with long and hill rides, so obviously something that lasts is better, as i dont really think this bike will see tracks at all but who knows
  2. You could put a nice set of Michelins on it,but that would be over capitalising.
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  3. Maxxis are selling some nice bundled sets on eBay, even with freight cheaper than buying here
  4. Thats Kinda one of my concerns blabs, i cant justify it on a vehicle that i will be lucky to have for a few years... i mean unless i get a puncture or something but yeah, the current ones seem to hold well but just never come across them before....

    I have Maxxis on the 4wd and am fairly happy with them, so that may be an alternative to the top end brands. guess i'll see how far i get... still open to suggestions though
  5. Bloody hell! Are Swallow still around? They were one of the budget brands of choice way back in the 80s, made in Korea. They didn't kill people all that often so if they're OEM I wouldn't get too uptight about it but I'd definitely upgrade to something better when they wear out.
  6. Hi Maca,
    I'd guess well before those tyres wear out, at say 10,000km?, you will have upgraded to another motorbike.

    If I was concerned about what to improve on a motorbike, I think suspension would be the first area to consider. However, as an above poster has said, don't 'overcapitalise on the bike' because your Daelim will always always be pretty basic 'in my words'.
    Don't be offended with this, as I have a pretty basic bike as well. With my CBR250RB the tyres are good, but the rear shock is a candidate for change. (still researching this).
    With a better shock, maybe your tyre would work better.

    I do think the OEM tyre will work OK for you. Give it a few months and make a judgement.
  7. Thanks for the imput guys...

    hadnt thought of upgrading the suspension, thats a valid point. And no offence taken, i know its a cheap bike so i'm not expecting big things from it. As i'm already up near 3,000k's in around 2 months that number may come up quicker then i like, but again shall deal with it when it comes up. shame they dont get the distance the car tyres do, i got 70,000 out of my last 4wd ones.... but yeah

    and being a Korean bike that makes sense.

    thanks again
  8. Even on a 250, bike tyres don't last a quarter as long as car tyres, and cost twice as much or more. Welcome to 'economical transport' :LOL:
  9. I'm used to the high cost, my 4wd ones were 300 a corner and thats on the mid range of price... however i do have to concide that not being empoloyed at the moment does mean extremly limited funds too...

  10. Michelin.... not really.
  11. You guys buy the wrong tyres. I get about 10,000 to 12,000km out of a set of car tyres at >$1,600 a set. The Bridgestones on my Suzuki are getting close to replacement at 17,000km and will be under $400 for the set. Don't think I've ever managed more than 30,000km out of a set of car tyres and I wouldn't want to. I also don't trust tyres that are more than 3 or 4 years old.

    Tyres are just about the most important safety and performance item on a car or bike and I would never compromise that with budget brands.
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  12. No, you're buying the wrong CAR tyres.......
  13. i get between 60000 and 120000k's from car tyres, depending on the car. mid to high quality tyres.
    the bike, the tyres ive gone through so far. 5500, 8000. given the tyres cost much the same (ea) as my car tyres... and me traveling ~50000 a year, the bike costs about as much as my car in total.
  14. Burn those tyres, they are like half nylon <_<
    Get some Pirelli Sport Demons or such like ASAP!
  15. Better to have swallow tyres than spit tyres, I say.

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  16. Dammit, just beat me to it.
  17. (by most of a day)
  18. Dunno why people cheap on tyres - accidents aren't cheap either...

  19. So don't crash as a result of having cheap tyres. As a veteran of Swallow, Siamese Rubber Co, Pneumant, Barum, Fung Keong, Kenda and (and I shit you not) Dae Yung I can testify that it is possible.

    Sometimes the choice is between a cheap tyre and no tyre at all and I know which of those I prefer.
  20. Yeah but given the difference between a Kenda and a Pirelli is often under a pineapple for the set - you'd have to be really skint to bother considering how huge the difference is