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VIC SW Motech Quick-Lock EVO Daypack

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by pwbike, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. I'm looking at one of these for my BMW R1200RT, but I'm not sure if it's the right size.
    I want it to be able to safely and securely hold a full sized dslr camera and lens.

    Previously I've had a Joe Rocket Manta and a KTM tank bag, both were a good size for me.
    I'd like it to hold my Nikon D800 and a standard zoom, or my Nikon D3s and a standard zoom.
  2. Bugger, we've got those on our bikes, you could have had a look if we had managed to catch up. I can take a few photos with various bit and pieces in them if you want an idea of size.
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  5. A full frame dslr and a 24-70/2.8 is what I'd like to see.
    Also to know if the bag base is strong enough to support that sort of weight.
  6. Hrm not sure about the camera (we don't own anything that cool) but the base is super strong, it's a very thick sturdy plastic.

    Here are some dodgy images that might help:





    Hope this helps in some way.
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  7. Definitely, thanks for that, much appreciated, it's the depth that concerns me most, length and width are clearly fine.
    The D3s with its L bracket is 180mm tall and the D800 with its L bracket is 140mm tall.
  8. The pack does have a rounded top but I doubt an extra 40mm or so.
  9. Augh! pwbikepwbike, I forgot that the tank bags have a little extender section that you can unzip and it gives you an extra 50mm or so of height:


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  10. Yeah, I knew that. I'd prefer to have it work with the extension closed, but the next size up seems to be the "Sport" and it's quite a bit wider to go with the extra depth. It really is a shame I didn't meet up with you and see the bag first hand. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and order one.
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  11. maybe he could put some stuff in it so you can gauge the size ?
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  12. i have a smallish arse bag
    and yes i can get my full frame sensor camera body +70/200/f2.8 lense in it
    +a 24/70/f2.8 lense
    but if i try to get my printer in
    well it does get a little tight
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  13. I've ordered the Daypack and a mount ring.
    Fingers crossed it will be alright, I reckon it will.
    Thanks for the info, photos and help :)
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  14. My SW-Motech Daypack tankbag arrived today.
    First thought when I saw it in the package from the post office, oh it looks small.
    Got it home and unpacked it, second thought, oh it looks small.
    Got My D3s with the 24-70/2.8 mounted, I can barely get it in the opened bag, it's tight for width, and it sticks up so far I can't even start to close the lid.
    Got my D800 with the 24-70/2.8 mounted, it fits in OK, OK for width and might be OK for height. Yes, I can close the lid without stress on the zippers.

    For anyone else contemplating the bag, here are a few photos of the D800 and 24-70/2.8 lens in the bag.


  15. Dayam! Did you have any luck with the zipper expansion section opened up?

    BTW, that's one awesome looking lens! (even if it is in compact mode).
  16. The D3s might fit better with the expansion open, but since the D800 fits that'll do.

    The 24-70/2.8 is a good lens, nicely versatile, but it's quite chunky.
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  17. I installed the tankring today.
    Disappointing to find allen key cap screws for attaching it, the bike has Torx fasteners.
    So now I have to order stainless torx screws to have matching screws and only one tool required to work on that part of the bike.
    Also disappointing to find the statement that you must use threadlock on the mounting screws, but none is supplied.
    Premium product, premium price, but poor attention to detail.

    I test fitted, drilled and mounted the QR mechanism to the bag and it is all ready for a ride now.
  18. Shame about the screws... didn't even think about that... as for the threadlock, I was lucky enough to have some from other bling modifications...

    Gee I feel like I've given you a bum steer :(
  19. No
    No, you didn't at all. I'd bought one of their products previously and was happy with it (CargoBag).
    I had pretty much decided on the Daypack already, was just looking for real world clues on size for the camera.

    It's a good bag, well made, good materials and so on, just a few niggles.
    If it wasn't so much more expensive than the Givi range which scored better in a test I saw recently I wouldn't say anything.