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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by joel_ezekiel, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Hello there, this is my first time posting, and I've been reading for a while, i just got my L's today and i was previously looking at getting a Hyosung GT650 without the r :D.

    However today i came across suzuki's now LAMS approved SV650!, now the Hyosung has USD forks, i prefer the look of the Hyosung(maybe some more things i cant think of) but this is a Suzuki, better resale, cheaper parts, probably more reliable.

    Anyway I was going to Visit BMW finance tomorrow about getting the GT650 but now im not so sure if i should do this, what are your opinions on waiting for the SV650SU (i don't actually want the S model i would prefer the full naked version but its not on there site) and I live in the county, the bike will mainly be a toy but i will probably use it to get from a to b when i need to and its not raining. I dont plan on really ever selling it, however in 5 years time who knows (which is why i want to get a restricted 650 in the first place). Well, any help in this decision will be much appreciated and any extra info anyone might have about the 2009 models would be great, thanks.

  2. If you're in the country and its used as a toy, consider the S as the fairing will be great for the higher speeds of the country, and the riding position isn't too sporty.

    I'd say the wait is certainly worth it, the SV650S has a build quality 10x better than the hyosung, and when the price is the same you'd be crazy to go the hyosung route since the SV (IMO) is clearly the superior bike. FYI the hyosung lams bike wasn't designed to be LAMS, it was designed to meet the generic low hp requirements of the euro market, which is around 33hp. The lams sv650 will be mapped to only just meet the requirements of lams in Australia, so it will have the best power to weight ratio allowed.

    I love my SV to pieces and whole heartedly recommend it over the hyosung. Both are good to ride, and the fully faired hyosung is surely more attractive to some, but the build quality is the main seperating difference and hyosung simply is not up to scratch.
  3. I really cant stand the look of the half faired sv650, however it seems that its not to much of an effort to swap that for a single or double light and get the full naked look while keeping the sporty position with the clipons... if i can get a naked LAMS bike i could still also swap the handlebars over.

    I'm not after something to go high speed, or to tour on, mainly a toy that doesn't cost to much, that i will use often (not just on Sundays) but being in Wodonga i don't have far to travel to get to the shops or work. Nor do i have to deal with city traffic. Anyway as a toy bike i want it to look great and to be really proud of it so naked is the only way to go i recon. I do think its probably a smarter choice to get the sv650 over the gt650 but i still love the look of the Hyosung the most :D

    I might visit the dealer tomorrow to talk to them about it, when would i expect to be able to pick up a 2009 Suzuki bike like this? Last time i got a bike it was a '97 yz80 fairly early in the year of '96.
  4. No idea, talk to a larger suzi dealer to find out. I'd say this year.... but theres no knowing how popular it will be.
  5. SV650SU Finally!!! :LOL:

    I remember writing letters to the minister of transport, the head of Vicroads and the likes to allow the additions of tuned-down bikes to meet the LAMS requirements. This was about 6 months back, and the only response they gave was generic woffle about what bikes the new scheme would include.

    Compared to the honda cb400, the SV650SU would be the smart buy, with fairings, plenty of accessories available and good looks. When you come off restrictions, get the dealership to change the ECU for full power :)

    So I'd assume the naked version would be called an SV650U?
  6. I went to see the dealer today, only the faired model, and only blue :( 2 things i hated about the bike, plus its 10.5g on road, i don't think i can justify that price over 8g on road for the hyosung :(
  7. what justification do you need?

    reliability? resale? image?
  8. slightly off topic, but does anyone know if there is a Suzuki dealer nearer to Geelong than Melbourne?
  9. did they have one on the floor? I just called a couple of dealers in Melbourne and they don't know when Suzuki is bringing them in :?
  10. I haven't heard nearly as many bad things about the 650 whoflung as I have about the 250 - but then, I know a LOT of people with the 250 and bugger all with the bigger one. And the issues they've had with the 250 are plain scary. I wouldn't buy a whoflung unless it had Jessica Alba sitting on it.

    The suzuki at 10 grand is to much. Get something else, secondhand.
  11. As far as I'm concerned it's great news the LAMS 650's coupled with the new 250 ninja means there is no reason to sucker new riders with the abomination that is Hyosung...
  12. i agree it's a lot for your first bike since you don't really know what/where your riding will lead you, but it also makes sense if you don't think you could afford to upgrade or if you hate selling/buying bikes, also depends how much it costs to convert it across

    I reckon wonder if the chip itself is able to be brought, i mean sv650's are about 5-7k s/h whack the ecu/chip whatever thing it is in it, and wham you have yourself a great LAMS bike at just over half the new price
  13. No they didn't, he said i could get one early October, and that only the faired blue one you see on the website is available, according to the documentation he had.

    As for limiting a pre 2009 model, i highly doubt they would let you register it as a LAMS bike. I don't know how this works but i heard you cant restrict a GT650 and register it as LAMS.

    I haven't heard anything bad about the later model GT650's even the suzuki dealer i went to see said they are a nice bike and had nothing bad to say about them other then the suzuki is probably bit better build quality. I honestly don't see that as a selling point for an extra 2.5g. I've read a few bad stories about earlier GT650's but every post from someone who's had a 07-08 model has been a good one that I've read.... I'll keep reading and thinking about it overnight anyway but for someone who has done 15,000 k's or less in his car over 5 years it seems like a nice looking/performing cheap bike.
  14. Colac Motorcycles? try here

    Man I wish LAMS was around here in Vic the last few years rather than the last couple of months.
  15. http://www.peterstevens.com.au/
    Peter Stevens are a suzuki dealer. I assume the Geelong store could help you out, couldn't they? :?

    Mind you, this is not an endorsement for PS. :wink:
  16. Damn it to hell. I liked v-twin of the VTR250 so would have preferred a larger v-twin LAMS this time around...but it wasn't around when I ordered in August. I think the clip-on version would be a better option than the naked.
  17. There used to be one in Colac I think though that may not be much help to you.

    I will contact my Suzuki dealer Mick Hone tomorrow and see if he can find out, if there is I will PM you the details.

    Just found this it is the only one near you not in Melbourne.

    Colac Motorcycles
    256-258 Murray St Colac 3250
  18. thanks Cookie - and others. Fortunately I commute between Geelong and Melbourne at least once a week, so I go past one dealer in Hoppers' Crossing and another in Niddrie, and I've managed to pop in to both this week.