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SV650SU de-restriction

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ambience, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Hi new to this forum and I've been searching around for quite some time and haven't got a definitive answer. About to go to my open licence and I'm after the wire that needs to be removed so that the SV650SU has it's top end power opened up. The model is a 2009 SV650SU. Some threads have said pin #24 and others #30 or the cable that's black/brown with green dots. Has anyone done this modification on this year and model that knows what wire to remove?


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  2. Well.. If you have SV 650 bike .. my belief is you have to replace ECU with the unrestricted type. If you happen to have the Gladius ie SFV650.. then there is wire manipulation.

    I went thru this process with my MY2012 SV650S.

    More info can be found on SV rider forum if you google it.

    Cheers and stay safe!
  3. From the post - this is what worked for me.

    "On the two plug ECU (later models of 2nd-gen SV650) theres a grey and white wire from pin 30."
  4. Just checked and there is no wires coming out of pin 30, what year model is your SV650S?
  5. Just before you start chopping any wires ..make sure that you don't follow the Gladius procedure (SFV650) on your SV650 .. they are different bikes with different ECUs. Anyway.. that was according to SV Rider forum. From what they said the only way to unrestrict SV650 is to replace the ECU with the full powered one. That is what I have done with my SV650.
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  6. Will an ecu swap work on a 2010 model?
  7. What is the model? If it is Sv650 or Sv650s late model like 2010 - then ECU swap will work. For Gladius (SFV650) - it is my understanding that there is a wire manipulation that works alexanderinoalexanderino .. Perhaps Gladius owners can confirm?

  8. It was a 2011.

    As olympicwiz said, Gladius has a very different ECU pinout.
  9. Yeah sorry wasn't being clear, sv650 late model. Alright cool sounds good. Thanks olympicwizolympicwiz