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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by chriskerr, May 12, 2008.

  1. already getting bored with my bandit250 and looking for a nice upgrade for some longer rides and a bit more power and comfort! The SV seems to be right up my alley, not to aggressive in the seating department, plenty of torque and nice even power all through the rev range.

    Does anyone own one of the newer (or older) models that would care to comment? Are there other alternatives?

    I'm after something with some wind resistance, that looks ok, is comfortable for longer runs and a bit of multi-day touring, that isnt a sportsbike in riding position or the need to be constantly considering gear changes, and also easy enough to live with commuting around the city. Does such a bike exist? and is it the SV? I have considered others , most notably the Yamaha FZ6 (slightly faired model)

    I think something from around 600 to 750 would be ample for me at the moment, although my Dad;s 1250s Bandit is certainly tempting :grin: but the price range I have in mind is around the 8k to 11k mark after changeover.

    The SA version also comes with ABS, something new to me on bikes, how does it work and feel?

    A nice option offered in the UK is a lower fairing, something the local guys tell me isnt offered here, but I would certainly consider brining one in, as per this pic :


    all advise taken, I'm not brand dependant :shock:
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  3. Yes. The SV is pretty good at what you're describing.

    Its a very well rounded bike you can do almost anything with it (wouldn't make the best on dirt ;) ). I commute 5 days a week, day trips, longer multi day trips, short fangs, etc. it does this all well.

    Go test ride one, as well as;
    -er6f (less sportier SV basically)
    -fz6n (less sporty, less attractive, not as good around town but try one anyway)
    -z750 (because they're cool)
  4. Have a good long sit (or better yet, a test ride) to make sure its riding position agrees with your body because SV650S are notorious for their lack of comfort due to their 'sporty' head-down, arse-up riding position. Some people went as far as to call it the most uncomfortable bike ever made - of course others have no problem at all. So better check for yourself! I didn't need to ride it anywhere, just sitting on one in the shop was enough to prove it wasn't a bike for me... and that's all thanks to the low clip-on handlebars because I found the naked SV650 quite comfortable.
  5. sat on one today and found it way too upright and a little bit dirtbikish in position :) also unfortunatly no real accesories in terms of screen or bikini style fairing. Will definatly check out the others mentioned, thanks!


  6. LOL what?? SV is a fantastic compromise between sports lean and upright for comfort - but yes its a sports tourer, not an upright naked and it makes no apologies for that. If you need something upright, the er6f is the way to go thats why its on my suggestion list. But if you want sportiness then you have to compromise comfort, and the SV is a great compromise. I'm far from ideal sizewise for an SV (6'1") and I still find it comfy enough for any kind of trip. Mid to upper 6 foot would be ideal.

    Never dismiss a bike just by sitting on it :p
  7. Everyone I know who has a SV loves it. They are a nice and easy bike to ride, enough power to get a move on, not enough to overwhelm either you or the chassis. There are several SV dedicated forums, some located in Australia and all very helpful.

    It's a mainstream bike, a talented commuter and a capable scratcher. Suspension is fairly basic but OK for road use. OEM tyres are awful and best replaced at the first opportunity. Engine makes around 70-80 RWHP (they vary that much), has an ECU that can be reprogrammed (within limits) and there are different exhausts available if you want to make it sound/look different. The pipe is basically one piece, so all slipon mufflers require cutting the original pipe. Go US for an M4 or Yoshi. Less than $900 (full system) to your door if you get the right seller.

    Seating position is comfortable. Anyone who says it's the most uncomfortable bike they've ridden obviously hasn't ridden too much. There are bar risers available if you want to make it more 'sit up and beg' and clipons if you want to go all racerish on us.

    There are other bikes available. Look at the GSR600, FZ6 and Hornet. All are budget bikes and all will elicit passionate opinions on either side. Best ride as many as you can before you even start to consider setting a short list.
  8. Yes its a GSX650F . :wink: .
    Click on the picture.

    It does every thing you ask .
    If you like you dads 1250 ,its the same size and shape in a way ,but not as fast and as $$$ ,looks sporty.
    But this bike does top out at 220kph :grin:
    Don't be put off by the up-right bars on this bike ,all owners have said its alot more lean forward and sporty feel then it looks.

    I was so close to getting the SV650S and ordering the lower fairing for an extra $1000.
    I just new it was alittle too sporty for the long trips I want to do.
    Also considered the other bikes you said .
    I got mine for $10,300 ride away ,insurance is about $800.

    But I will say ,if you want to ride it "in" the city all day every day ,zipping in and out of traffic the weight ,might be a downer ,but ride your dads 1250 and if you can handle it on that then this bike might good for you.
  9. Opinions about riding position are completely subjective which is why I recommend the OP should try it out for himself. If you don't agree with me that's fine, but a lot of people do:

    " Useless bike - can't ride it for more then 20min. Painful"

    "The SV650S offers all the pain and inconvenience of a sport bike at a very affordable price."

    "If you are a 20 year old, you can take the punishment.
    If you are over 30 and lacking exercise, then think twice before you get SV-S.
    Make sure you get a chance to ride the bike for at least 20min before you decide. "

    "If this is going to be your only bike and you require some level of comfort, get the SV650, NOT the SV650S. The standard SV650 is very simuilar and is fun to ride, just has a more comfortable riding positon. "

    Those are just some comments that can be found with a little googling. But I repeat, I am sure you could equally easily come up with an equal number of comments singing praise of this bike comfort. All I am saying is, it is worth making sure before plonking down 11 grand.
  10. Yup, sure could.

    Point is that it has a significantly less sporty position compared to true sportsbikes (eg. r6, gsxr, etc. etc.) and I (too tall for my bike and coming from a fairly upright comfortable zzr250) find the comfort adequate to ride alot, every day.

    So whoever wrote those comments.. their face would implode if they rode a real sportsbike :rofl:
  11. I've had both generations of the SV650S and they are definitely not a sport position. I did not feel anything uncomfortable about it at all, my only opinion was that the bars were too high!

    I highly recommend the suspenion modifications, it makes the bike feel so much better, feedback is better and I gained more confidence in pushing it.

    They are a great all round bike, enough grunt to get yourself out of (or into) trouble, it's a bike you can have fun and enjoy without doing breakneck speeds. The sound of a twin is something you have to enjoy too.

    I've sat on an ER6 before, it's a really narrow bike, with tallish bars, not my style of bike, but others may like it.

    Happy hunting, and enjoy what ever you ride.
  12. That is an awesome colour scheme.
  13. tempting proposition just to ride it home :LOL: but for this one Im looking at a new one, no excuses, I just want a brand new one :grin:
  14. I completely understand!! :cool: