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SV650S v GSR600 v GSX750 etc... which one!?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, May 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I recently posted a thread about the rapid bikes 600cc supersport shootout as I've always considered without much hesitation that a 600 supersport would be my next bike.

    I'm starting to get a bit "Maybe I shouldn't" with the supersports because, well to put it simply, the supersports are exactly that, SUPER sports, they're fast, they're low and leant over and just plain quick.

    I rode my old mans cruiser the other day and almost fell in love with the ride position and handling and just plain feel of it.

    Now, I don't want a cruiser as I do want to be able to twist the wrist and get my crazy on from time to time (when the situation calls for it) but at the same time I don't think I want the "race me" feel of the supersports.

    With that, I had a look at a few of the more "sit up" bikes on the weekend and was thinking about a Ducati 750M but decided against it as apparently they are... well... slow and "uninspiring".

    I've had a poke about and found a few really nice alternatives and want the opinions of anyone who's had any experience with the following bikes:

    - Kawasaki Z750
    - Suzuki GSX750
    - Suzuki SV650S
    - Suzuki SV650
    - Suzuki GSR600

    They're all about the same cost and similar style and what I want to know is this:

    Which one of these bikes is the best for riding daily for both commuting and cruising? I want something that can wheelie (ehehe) and has both a smooth power delivery across the band but doesn't have the 'urgency' of a supersport, but still good value for money.

    Any 'case studies' by current and past owners would be great.

    PS: I'm not too keen on the vtwin bikes because, whilst sounding hot, I'm told they munch through the go-juice like nobody's business.

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. z750's great.

    Great position, power, linear delivery, economical, great for traffic.

    Suspension's basic though.
  3. I don't like suzi's at all. i can't tell you why either. just don't like em

    I'd either a) get a kwaka z750 (it was choice no 2 after the hornet for me)
    or b) wait till the new Hornet 600 and the trumpy street triple (naked 675) are out.
  4. Kwaka ER6-f for a faired relaxed sportish 600ish bike. Most get new pipes cuz stock they sound fairly bad.
  5. I commute and ride the occasional twisty on a sv650s
    handles both just fine. While the litre twins may drink the fuel the 650 is pretty good. I average pretty much spot on 5L/100K. While I don't live at the high end of the revs too often i'm not overly gentle with the throttle either.

    Not from personal experience - but it'll wheelie you need to work a bit at it though compared to supersports though. Apparently they'll do it off the throttle in 1st if you provoke it, but need the clutch for anything else.
    And while it doesn't have the top end urge of an I4, there's plenty of power in the midrange

    It sounds great. Stock pipes are crap but an aftermarket slip-on adds that v-twin rumble.

    V-twin + clip-ons = easy splitting.

    Of the rest - I rode a z750. Loved it. corners beautifully and just goes where you look instantly. But I couldn't live with the vibes. bars, mirrors and pegs all vibed badly about the middle of the rev range. I may have been riding it wrong being used to a twin. But it was enough for me to take my bike back with a smile
  6. I have a GSR 600 and think it is a great bike for the money. It suffers from bar vibes at about 4k though. I had a Hyosung GT650R before this bike and found the 650 twin to be better on fuel around town. The GSR has a good power delivery and will smoke a 650 twin any day. I love the look of the Z750 but it costs a fair bit more and does not have the chunky aloy frame and swing arm that the GSR has.
  7. The Z750 does vibrate a lot around 7-8krpm. Keep moving around on the bike (corners), or change gears (straights).. :wink:

    As Livingstonest said, the suspension is a bit basic, but it's a straight swap for a blingo ZX636 rear shock (well, close enough to straight swap - one doohicker has to be turned around 180deg), and there's enough threads around of people swapping the forks for GSXR1000 or Z1000 forks. I haven't really had a problem with finding the limits of the suspension yet though.


    If you lane split a lot, you may want to look at some narrower bars.
    I get a bit of a shimmy in the steering when leaned over and wrapping the power on hard.
    If you're doing lots of km's, you might want to look at a slightly larger screen.
  8. That's why you must stay above 8k rpm :grin:

    Sure it vibrates but 1. that's part of the character and 2. for $20 you can get aftermarket handgrips which are cushy and halve the vibrations! I was happy bout that :)

    Honestly the suspensions are good but the rest of the bike is so great the suspensions are the holding it back. Like macca said simple rear shock replace or front springs/oils will make a big difference.......or so my mechanic is planning for me.....can't wait!
  9. I've ridden a Z750 and own a GSR600.

    I use my GSR for everything without issue - Commuting, touring, twisty carving, and so on. I'm a tall guy and I find it fits me perfectly. I really liked the aesthetics and ergonomics of the bike as well as the fact that it was "new" in its parts composition - eg, recent swingarm design instead of the old box jobs.

    I didn't quite fit a zed when I rode one. The top ridges on the tank being an annoyance due to being in the way of my legs, definate comfort issue. It's a good bike otherwise.

    Ride them all and pick whichever one you feel is the best for you!
  10. I've narrowed down my "realistic" choices to either the GSR-600 or the SV650S.

    Both I can get finance for EASILY and both seem to be a cheap and practical bike.

    My only concerns are power in relation to the 650S. I'm told both on here and by a mate who owned one that they are just gutless in relation to other bikes.

    Any testimonials? I wouldn't mind some more information about the GSR-600 too.

    I'd say the GSR600 is winning at the moment but I don't have a suzuki dealership here that I know of so I can't go sit on one.
  11. test riding time for you. :grin:
    that way you know for sure.
  12. They won't reef your arms out of their sockets, but they're in no way gutless either. Coming from a 250, the 650 will feel like a rocket.

    In the hands of a good rider it could embarass plenty of sports bikes.

    As mentioned previously, none of these bikes have great suspension for sports riding (due to price), but will handle everyday situations much better than a sports bike.

    The sv650 and the gsr600 are very different bikes, don't buy before test riding each.
  13. The SV650S can sit at 185km/h 2-up quite happily & 200+ on the track ..... so for 'normal' road riding is more than capable :wink:

    But yes - 2 very different bikes you've picked there - so test ride & see which one 'feels' right for you (I personally didn't want anything but a twin!)
  14. How do you find your sv650s BB I want one with a slip-on as my end of restrictions bike. I hear if you have the ssupension resprung and valved for your weight it works very well.
  15. Depends on what you compare them to I guess. V-twins don't have that surge in power you get as you take an I4 high in the rev range, so you don't get that sudden shoulder pulling sensation. What they do is make good power from down low and keep that up. For real world riding - particularly around town I think the way a twin makes power is much more useful.

    Then again the Sv makes 70hp. It's not going to match a 120hp gsxr600.
    (actually it probably would until about 100 or so but after that it's all one sided)
  16. Is an excellent bike. Lightweight - nimble, very responsive. I've had mine lowered & adjusted the preload down for my weight. Is also about to get hi-rises put on at the next service for a more upright riding position & closer reach. But of course - there's still more that could be done ..... :)
  17. I found a suzuki dealership on the coast here that seems to stock them so I'll go have a peek on wednesday to see what they're like to sit on.

    The only bad thing I've heard about the GSR600 is that the seat apparently is angled a bit wierd so is like pushing you forward all the time.

    I want something in the same league as the GSR600 but dont want to pay 10,000 for my next bike though, might have to wait for one to be made available 2nd hand and knock off all the on-roads..

    I just really want to sell the baby-blade whilst it's still got reasonable milage, I don't want to take it into the 60 thousand range because that significantly drops the resale value. Right now it's only done 52000 so can still fetch a reasonable price.

    Oh the pressures of being a bike rider!
  18. i thought i saw someone selling a gsr600 in brisbane for about $9k on bikesales.com.au .... it was a K6 from memory... check it out.
  19. Hey ScrewBall, have you test-ridden any of these yet and have you made a decision?

    If not, the local enthusiast's website has lots of info about the SV650/1000s:



    ps - am very, very happy with my SV650S (K4). Has plenty enough power, handles well despite the basic suspension, fuel economy of 19-21 km per litre.
  20. Sorry to throw a spanner in your chain but what about Yammys?

    The FZ6N and FZ6S are hot. :grin: