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sv650s to sv1000s for a 2k ride and weekend away

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slej, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. I plagiarised this of another site where I posted it, can you plagiarise yourself?? lol

    Ok, where to start, at the beginning I guess
    I was at a get together with another person of this forum (zippy)a couple of weeks ago and suggested we should do a run to Canberra for a couple of ventura bags full of fire crackers.

    He suggested we go to Adelaide and surprise an old mate, I liked this idea better so the plan was forming, then from left of centre his wife asked if I could do her a favour, here I am thinking wow, she wants me to look after him or something........
    "can you take my sv1000s for the trip, I have to get some k's up on it" as I picked myself up of the floor with this idiotic grin, I agreed. It was decided she would have use of my little yellow baby for the weekend if she needed it.

    I loaded up my gear on the Saturday morning, rode the 15 or so k's to zippy's place, took my tank bag and ventura bag off my bike and put them straight onto the 1000. Within 2 minutes of that I was mounted on the 1000 ready to go.

    Zippy offered to put the spuds in the tunes, but I declined as any self abusing twin rider would off. I had never sat on 1 before so first impressions were wow! I am so high up, and I canna touch the ground very well. I got out of his driveway and tried getting a feel for the bike as I followed zippy through the estate to the main hwy.

    Our first stop was for fuel where zippy suggested perhaps I should of done a couple of laps around the block to make sure I still wanted to take it and not mine. I was happy enough to keep going

    Our trip through Melbourne out to the Western hwy was pretty uneventfull, I was just getting a feel for the bike, the power delivery (those extra ponies hrmmmm). By the time I was going through the twisty bit of rd at Bulla I was quite comfortable on the bike, just the extra height still got me a bit.

    So the drone started, long k's on an unfamiliar bike, we stopped at Horsham for refreshments and I still felt ok, my butt was a bit sore but otherwise ok. By the time we stopped at Bordertown I was thinking 'what the fugg have I done' I cant move, my bum is broken.

    We missed our turn off to the Wellington punt and I added like 80k's to the trip by going the long way to Wellington. As I pulled out of wellington my fuel light come on and I pulled over a short while later, I casually asked zipper, "how far after the light comes on does it run out", he suggested "30k's", this concerned me as it was like 20k's ago and I recalled seeing a sign as we left Wellington saying 54km to Strathalbyn.

    Did I mention my bum was really hurting allready?

    I Babied the bike and leaned over the tank bag and made myself as small as I could, we didn't even know if there was a fuel shop open in Strath and it was getting late, close to dusk by memory. We were lucky, we found a servo and fueled up, I asked directions to Meadows, which I knew we had to go through and we set off again.

    Did I mention my bum was really hurting allready?

    We made it to Meadows and then onto Clarendon and worked our way down the hills into the outer burbs of Addy, strangely enough there was not much pain in my butt around here, might of been the ride through the hills and the extra concentration needed to keep the bike upright after a long time riding.

    We fluked it to within 2kms of our friends Near Noarlunga. He supposedly did not know we were coming but his wife did, she had to tell him I was coming as she had to go out, and we were running horribly late. I arrived and he didn't click I was not on a yellow bike, and he was stunned to see a fireblade with me, and had no idea who it was, his wife had hidden that fact well.

    We said our hello's and raided fridge for Coopers Pale ale, nearly a slab later it was bed time. The next day we woke late and just mucked around killing time till it was ready to go for a little sojourn into the Addy hills.

    This was to be the first time I was going to use the 1000 for straight out pleasure and fun, though about 20 mins into the ride my butt HURT. As we went through Clarendon into the hills I was getting excited, big bike, big power, windy rds, I was not let down, the biggun was awesome in the big sweeping corners that we were going on (the Paris Creek rd and the Ashburn rds) it was my bike with big grin factor and a lot more grunt.
    (my sore bum had disappeared strangely enough, perhaps adrenalin)

    Coming Home was more of the same drudgery of the Dukes/Western hwy with he exception of some big overtaking moves that just blew me away, power, so much power.

    Aside from a very sore bum and getting 303k's out of a tank and thinking I will be walking soon, it was an awesome weekend away on an awesome bike.

    We did nearly 2000k's in 3 day's, the seat would of been better had it had a sheepskin or me a fatter arse.

    I have done a 1500k weekend on my 650 and didn't get anywhere near the soreness in the rump as I did the 1000

    Now I will try to summarise the differences between the 2 bikes.

    The SV1000s is an awesome bike and I am seriously thinking of giving my 650 a big brother, there is pro's and cons on both bikes, the 650 makes a better commuter and is much easier in the tighter twisties, the 1000 just thumps out of the more open sweepers, the suspension on the 650 is very soft (mine anyway and will be addressed very soon) whilst the 1000 is tight, the forks have been dropped (I think) through the triple clamps, this made the steering more direct and the bike seemed to fall into corners, and held its line.

    The tunes fitted to the 1000 make people take notice you are around, more so than the Megacycle I have on my 650. I still prefer the softer looks of the pre 02 sv's but that is a personal thing.

    If you have specific questions about either just ask

    Oh well, enough, I have killed 3 tree's with all this paper


    yellow peril (sv650s k2)
    borrowed copper sv1000s k3
    SV650s, The Yellow Peril