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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pt, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. has anyone ridden/does anyone ride these? im coming off my Ps in a few months and am looking at something like this. the fz6n is also on the list at the moment but i wont have the chance to test ride either until im off restrictions. ive read a few reviews on both and people seem to either love them or hate them. any comments would be good. and on a side issue, does anyone know of a good rider training course post-Ps? something that might help with the step up onto a 600? preferably in the sydney area....

  2. I've given my mate's one a bit of a blast. If you are are a tall person, forget it - they are quite a small bike.

    Other than that the engine is great, linear torque curve, seems to handle ok. They seem to have few problems in service and are quite happy commuting or out on the open road. The only downside (aside from size) is the lack of a fuel guage and the lack of decent underseat storage.

    If you have the cash, put a can on it... they sound nice :)
  3. The SV650 are superb bikes... I have readen the 2000 model and the new one... both are a blast... just watch the compressinon lockup.. that can be a bit unnerving if you don't expect it... personaly I would go for the SV650.. less plastic to warry about and cheeper... the older model has many many many accesorys you can buy off the net...
  4. Mate, I've got a K2n model. (2002 Nakid) Its the best bike i've ever ridden. I'm about 190cm and its not too small for me! go to www.svdownunder.com if you want more info.

  5. I ride the SV650S, Foxy has the naked version. Great bike, found very little problems with it. I find mine very comfortable and I'm pretty small. I like the handling and the power. If you want more information try www.svdownunder.com :)
  6. From an old owner of a SV 650, they rock. Handeling is not as sharp as a supersport bike, but they have midrange. To learn how to ride better, the SV is hard to beat.

    I have a zx-6r and I wish I has the SV, as it has so much more poke in the middle of the rev range, the 6R blows it away up top, but you expect that.

    With some small mods, you will be able to pull power wheelies in second gear on a SV, so they offer some stunting fun when you get a bit better at riding.
  7. Sorry to be biased.......
    Have you looked at a Hornet 600?
    Same style as the SV (naked and semi naked).
    It is a 4 cylinder, so power is up a fair amount compared to the SV.
    The Hornet sounds like a formula one car when the revs are up aswell.....Almost addictive!
    Good luck with whatever you buy.
    Daz. :wink:
  8. I looked/tested the SV650s before I bought the R6 - nice bike, on the verge of a supersport, but toned down a little bit without the fairings. If you favour road riding over track days, it will do the job.

    Apart from that, can't really give more details on it.
  9. You might not need a course. I found when upgrading to a bigger bike it was all in the clutch. If you let it out too fast you're gonna fly :)

    I had a 250 Virago and traded it in for a 900 Hornet. First time riding it I was very gentle on the throttle and I let the clutch out nice and easy. Got used to the speed in first gear down a laneway, got it on the road and when I changed into second I let the clutch out too fast and almost rolled off the back of it. After a few hundred k's I got used to the power difference, but now after 800 k's I still clunk into gear every now and then.

    Just take it easy to begin with and you'll fine.